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Hop-On.com's disposable CDMA phone approved for use in USA by the FCC.

Newsbrief by Michael Oryl on Wednesday July 31, 2002.

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Hop-On.com recently announced that it has received approval from the FCC (the US office that regulates radio devices) for their disposable CDMA mobile phone. The phone will be of the prepaid sort that is popular in Europe and is disposable. Customers that return the device, in lieu of disposing of it, will receive a $5 rebate certificate. It comes with 60 minutes of call time included and it is possible to purchase additional minutes.

The phone does not work or look like a typical phone, though. It is a flat card with a keypad and it comes with an ear bud with a microphone, which is the only means for using the phone since there is no built in microphone and ear speaker. The phone also includes built in rechargeable batteries.

Hop-On.com plans to license the device to existing mobile networks in the USA for resale. It currently has no such deals completed.


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