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Motorola unveils MPx220

Product Launch by Michael Oryl on Tuesday June 29, 2004.

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Motorola MPx220
Motorola MPx220
Today Motorola officially unveiled the new MPx220, a device that most of the world has known was coming for quite some time. The MPx220 takes the basic design and functionality of the popular MPx200 and expands upon them - greatly.

The biggest difference that people will notice is the addition of a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash. That's quite an upgrade when you consider that the original had no camera at all. Internal memory has been boosted to a respectable 64MB, and the MPx200's SD card slot has been replaced by a more compact mini-SD card slot. The MPx220 will support mini-SD cards of up to 512MB in capacity. Another major addition is the MPx220's new Bluetooth system, which will allow you to make use of wireless headsets and car kits, among other things. The external display has also been upgraded to a color unit.

Like the MPx200, the new MPx220 is based on Microsoft's Smartphone OS. The MPx220, however, is running the 2003 version of the operating system. The body of the handset has also been changed a bit. The mostly useless scroll-wheel has been replaced by a more traditional volume control, and the keypad and d-pad controller have been change significantly.

Motorola says that the MPx220 will be available in 2004. We'll assume that means closer to the end of the year rather than tomorrow....

You can find a number of images of the new MPx220, in both the black and new silver color schemes, on the following pages.


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