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T-Mobile USA: No plans to offer the HTC Hero Android smartphone

Newsbrief by Michael Oryl on Wednesday July 08, 2009.

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T-Mobile USA's Android smartphone fans might be sad to hear that the company's CTO, Cole Brodman, said at a press event today in New York that his company has no plans to offer HTC's newly launched HTC Hero smartphone to T-Mobile USA customers.

The HTC Hero caused a bit of commotion when it was launched last month due largely to its brand new user interface, which is part of HTC's Sense initiative - the same force behind the company's TouchFLO 3D UI for Windows Mobile smartphones. Customers were unhappy that T-Mobile USA opted to offer the myTouch 3G, a device based upon the HTC Magic that has been available for some time, instead of jumping directly to the HTC Hero that is being offered next month by the carrier's European counterparts. [via Android Authority]


Fremen @ 4:40:33PM EDT on Friday July 10, 2009

That's a really stupid decision. Why would they only offer europeans the nicer Android phone like the Hero and leave us with the Magic which is nothing more than a G1 without a keyboard?

Fremen @ 4:42:19PM EDT on Friday July 10, 2009

Bad move on tmobile usa's part. Why would they give the better phone to the europeans and not us? That's not fair. I'm glad I bought an iphone and unlocked it. The G1 is nice, but not nearly as nice as the Hero

Max @ 5:19:43PM EDT on Wednesday July 29, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding. Chalk this one up as an entry in the list of "greatest bonehead moves of 2009."

Cru @ 2:00:01PM EDT on Friday July 31, 2009

Wow, I was about to become a T-Mobile customer. Guess it's sprint for me.
Way to shoot yourself in the foot T-Mobile.

asdasd @ 11:23:18PM EST on Sunday November 1, 2009

def switching to sprint. hero could have been the best phone tmobile usa released.

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