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LG announces GT505 touchscreen social networking device

Product Launch by Brian James Kirk on Friday May 29, 2009.

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LG GT505
LG GT505

LG has announced the GT505, a social networking-driven phone that looks beyond SMS and IM services for a more comprehensive experience. With 3G data, a vivid display, and a high resolution camera, users will enjoy surfing and sharing on the favorite social networks.

The GT505 features a 3-inch touchscreen display and a 5 megapixel camera for high resolution photography and viewing. Users can browse the Internet with 3G HSDPA speeds or over local networks through a WiFi connection.

The device includes 'push' social networking updates so users can see the latest information from their favorite networks soon after they happen. Users can also update status messages, edit profiles, and add photos directly from the GT505. A GPS chipset and a 30-day free trial of WisePilot mobile navigation service are included.

The LG GT505 will be available on Orange UK in June. Pricing and exact availability has not been announced.


James @ 2:14:04PM EDT on Tuesday July 14, 2009

I've got this phone on orange.

motorwriter @ 3:02:15PM EDT on Thursday July 23, 2009

Nice to have advance info on this phone as it hits the Orange shops. Is beautifully slim with the added attraction of a built in SatNav, albeit chargeable after 30 days. Having wiFi AND bluetooth clinches it for me and it weighs under 100 gms. Motorwriter.

Andy @ 11:36:30AM EDT on Wednesday September 2, 2009

The wifi option is missing from the menu so you can't actually access wifi on it. LG are aware of this problem but as yet have done nothing to correct it.I've been waiting several weeks, but they won't answer any of my emails. Their customer service is really bad. The battery life is also terrible. It lasts about a day and a half and then needs recharging. I wish I'd never bought this phone.

jIM @ 7:09:56AM EDT on Sunday October 18, 2009

i've been told that the wifi dont work on orange because they force you to use gps via wifi so charge you for wifi access is this true?

nicky @ 5:32:45AM EST on Sunday January 10, 2010

Love the phone apart from battery life, only lasts about one day and i hardly use the phone!!

litto @ 11:58:25PM EDT on Sunday September 26, 2010

ive got this phone but i dont know how to access to the internet

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