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HTC Magic gets approved by FCC without T-Mobile 3G support

Newsbrief by Ricky Cadden on Wednesday February 25, 2009.

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The HTC Magic has slipped through the FCC recently, with no sign of the AWS 1700MHz frequency that T-Mobile uses for its 3G network. The Magic was announced last week at the 2009 Mobile World Congress as a Vodafone exclusive throughout Europe. The Magic is rumored to be coming to T-Mobile in the United States, though there is no official confirmation.

The HTC Magic is powered by Google's Android operating system and features a large touchscreen display, with an onscreen keyboard. You can check out the full FCC filing here. [via Engadget Mobile]


Bedwa @ 7:31:19PM EST on Wednesday February 25, 2009

I know it's a long shot.... but since Voda is an exclusive in Europe.... I call a CDMA/GSM version that's exclusive through Verizon. It's a hunch, but a possible good one.

SN @ 9:47:17PM EST on Wednesday February 25, 2009

I just read those FCC documents and it CLEARLY shows that the device supports "WCDMA", specifically a transmission test performed at 2170Mhz - this falls in T-Mobile's uplink frequency. 3G support proven, poor journalism proven!

Michael Oryl @ 6:55:25AM EST on Thursday February 26, 2009

Umm, actually, all that proves is that it is a 2100MHz UMTS device for Europe. T-Mobile's AWS 3G network is split across two unrelated bands, 1700MHz and 2100MHz. Any 2100MHz 3G device will fall within *half* of T-Mobile's 3G network requirements. But without the other half, you've got nothing.

Michael Oryl @ 7:10:07AM EST on Thursday February 26, 2009

BTW, 2170MHz is not even inside the AWS band's downlink (not uplink) range. 2170MHz is the top end of 2100MHz UMTS, AWS tops out at 2155MHz. U.S. 3G support disproven, poor journalism disproven.

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