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LG shows GD910 touchscreen 3G wristwatch phone

Product Launch by Ricky Cadden on Monday December 29, 2008.

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LG GD910
LG GD910

LG is showing off its latest touchscreen cell phone, the GD910. Stuffed inside a wristwatch form factor, the GD910 features 3G support with HSDPA for high-speed data transfers, as well as Bluetooth and video conferencing.

The LG GD910 also features text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology, allowing you to speak to the phone, and the GD910 to read messages and other information back to you. Details on pricing and availability have not yet been released, though we can say that we do not expect this device to make it North American shores.


der00 @ 7:35:48AM EDT on Saturday March 14, 2009

i am asuming that the phone will need to be used with a bluetooth headset for private calls otherwise one would have arm cramp within a few mins of a call
and the controls look far too small,I think there is a very good reason that watch phones have not been launched prev.(they are totaly impractible)The only people buying this product will be the techno geeks and the showoffs (everybody knows one) so hey it might sell buy the bucketload

sameer @ 12:27:12PM EDT on Tuesday March 17, 2009

i stay in India (Mumbai), where can i find this product and at what price?

Jin @ 6:20:16AM EDT on Saturday July 25, 2009

where can i buy this LG GD910 3g watch phone....really love it

Usman @ 10:51:03AM EDT on Friday June 4, 2010

I want a wrist watch mobile phone with 2 mp camera but not of china it can be of LG or Samsung.

Puchii @ 12:47:12PM EDT on Friday October 29, 2010

Why isn't this phone coming to North America?

doc @ 12:13:53AM EDT on Sunday April 24, 2011

Has this phone made it here yet? it's only 2011.How much would it cost to buy? please let me know.

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