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Nokia considering Linux for its higher-end handsets

News by Guest Contributor on Wednesday December 03, 2008.

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Guest post by: Brian James Kirk

Reuters is reporting that Nokia is considering using open-source Linux on high-end handsets in its lineup, according to Ukko Lappalainen, vice president at Nokia's markets unit. Despite the popularity of Google's Android, a Linux-based mobile operating system, Lappalainen had doubts that it was superior to Nokia's in-house Linux development, which created Linux maemo for its line of Internet tablets.

It appears that the company is attempting to distance itself from Google's Android. Yesterday, Nokia announced it had completed its acquisition of Symbian Ltd., and that the Symbian Foundation, its consortium of open-source mobile developers, is another step closer to fruition. The Symbian Foundation currently has a larger alliance of companies backing it then that which is backing Google's Android.


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