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AT&T reigns in unlmited data plans, adds overage charges

Newsbrief by Ricky Cadden on Monday October 06, 2008.

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Phonenews.com is reporting that AT&T will be canceling its $19.99/month unlimited data option for prepaid customers, effective November 12th. The plan allowed for unlimited data access without signing a contract, and has reportedly been abused by people using it in a laptop card.

AT&T's legitimate laptop option, the DataConnect plan, now appears to have a hard limit and new overage charges. The plan, which previously offered "unlimited" data, now costs $59.99 per month and offers up to 5GB of data, with overages now being billed at $0.00048 per kilobyte . While that seems small, doing the math reveals an overage cost of $480 per gigabyte. There are also unconfirmed reports that the carrier will disable your internet access after you generate $100 or more in overage charges. [via EngadgetMobile]


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