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Microsoft working on mobile app store called Skymarket

News by Michael Oryl on Monday September 01, 2008.

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It appears that Microsoft can see the writing on the wall and has decided that it, too, needs to build an application store of some sort for its upcoming Windows Mobile 7 smartphone operating system. Based on what we can glean from a Seattle area job posting, it looks like the application store has been tentatively named "Skymarket".

Considering that Windows Mobile 7 has not even been officially announced, it seems a bit out of character for Microsoft to mention it so obviously in the job posting. I'm sure, however, that the addition of those 3 characters, WM7, will greatly increase interest in the new job.

No time frame for the Skymarket launch is given, but word on the street has long suggested the first half of 2009 as being the target for Windows Mobile 7.


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