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LG Slides the KS360 onto the Scene

Product Launch by Ricky Cadden on Wednesday July 09, 2008.

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The LG KS360 cell phone was recently shown off in a bruising titanium and bright blue color scheme. This handset, targeted towards the younger crowd, offers a handy slide-out QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen interface.

The KS360's microSD card slot offers plenty of storage expansion options, and the 2.4" QVGA touchscreen display should be easy on the eyes and the pocket. Bluetooth 2.0 and tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900MHz) are on board for simple connectivity options.

The LG KS360 should be available in a variety of color schemes, including white and soft pink, black and red, and black and silver. Availability in the UK, via O2 and Orange, is set for August, though pricing has not yet been announced.


chechel @ 12:52:39AM EST on Saturday February 28, 2009

aaaaaarrgh ! i love this cellphone

popteaser @ 7:44:44AM EDT on Thursday May 14, 2009

is this cellphone worth its price?

earlebird @ 5:13:41AM EDT on Thursday June 11, 2009

i am trying to reroute email messages from a pc to my ks360, but it fails eveytime? Can anyone help me to get it right? Thanks.

mai @ 9:59:18AM EDT on Friday June 12, 2009

eiiii!!! i like this one! itz sooooo cute!! i think it's super expensive huhuhu! i hope i can have one... can any1 know's how much the cost of it? plz... give me 1..(",)

Shahul @ 4:34:44AM EDT on Thursday July 16, 2009

is there anyway you can reset LG ks360's security code?

Reshmee @ 1:28:23AM EDT on Monday July 20, 2009

when receiving calls all my numbers are private can i get help

grace @ 7:41:45AM EDT on Friday July 31, 2009

hi!!!! i like this cellphone what is the price

pam @ 3:13:03AM EDT on Wednesday August 12, 2009

can we put w sim card in it?? plz i need to know...

Ellie @ 3:42:38AM EDT on Sunday September 6, 2009

can not connect my to pc did install pc suite but pc suite keeps showing no phone attached when you use usb cable but pc picks up phone as storeage device and via bluetooth no connection both ways

G @ 3:06:52AM EDT on Thursday September 10, 2009

so cool! i want want! can i get it for free? pls

bahia @ 12:42:42PM EDT on Thursday September 17, 2009

i want to reset my security code and i don't know how
please help!!

jenny @ 1:41:31PM EDT on Saturday October 10, 2009

i have got this cell phone and its really cool

KS360 @ 11:42:55AM EDT on Saturday October 17, 2009

this cell is da best!!! whoever says otherwise... grrrr

jabulani mavika @ 3:19:45PM EST on Friday November 13, 2009

the best QWERTY hey im jus lovin this phone

bella @ 7:58:44AM EST on Tuesday November 24, 2009

this phone is such a problem...i cant even download songs into it..bummer..help me..!!!memory suxss

emdicks. @ 6:04:13PM EDT on Tuesday March 23, 2010

i have this phone, its good but can sometimes be faulty, the "k" key particularly when texting, and and also can freeze when trying to switch views. a good phone though, easy to use, good camera and speakers.

Victor @ 11:19:31AM EDT on Saturday May 29, 2010

I got a LG KS360,But there is a problem. When I turn it on. It said "Enter Security Code " I didn't do anything with it. I can't use it anymore . I need help!PLZ!

x-tine @ 9:00:34PM EDT on Friday September 24, 2010

wew this is my dream phone.
you will be in my hand,SOON!

kofi @ 12:39:24PM EDT on Tuesday April 26, 2011

i love browsing with this fhone & is very cute

zam @ 7:07:49AM EDT on Wednesday September 21, 2011

i just bought this phone a few months back and i love it i love the design. but i am having a problem when ever i try to send songs via bluetooth from other phones its says memory full i don't understand beause i just have 29 songs and my memory card is 2gigs.help please someone......:-(

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