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Samsung Launches Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby SGH-D780

Product Launch by Michael Oryl on Tuesday April 08, 2008.

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Today Samsung Electronics launched its new SGH-D780, a dual-SIM handset. But beyond supporting two SIM cards at one time, the D780 can actually receive calls on both SIMs simultaneously - just as if the user had two phones. The D780 user can switch back and forth between active calls with a simple press of a button.

Such a device is perfect for business users that don't want to carry a separate phone for their personal calls. The D780 is similar in capability to Samsung's first dual-standby device, the D880, but instead makes use of a simple bar form factor instead of the D880's slider design.

The Samsung D780 sports a 2.1" QVGA resolution display and a 2 megapixel camera. A built-in FM radio and MP3 music player are also available for passing the time between calls. The D780 can be connected to a PC via USB 2.0 or Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth system even supports the A2DP stereo profile for use with wireless stereo headphones.

The tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900MHz) SGH-D780 comes equipped with a large 1200mAh battery, and measures 15.7mm (.6") thick. This cell phone should go on sale in Russia next month, with Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East seeing the D780 shortly thereafter.


Mohamed @ 6:36:15AM EDT on Thursday April 9, 2009

I have a problem with my samsung SGH-D780. It is continuously restarting almost every 5 minutes. What might be the problem and how can I Solve it?
Thanks for your reply

Odenyo @ 3:08:40PM EDT on Sunday April 26, 2009

Hi! Samsung SGH D780 is just wonderful. Two phones in one. My only problem is how to check the contents of the memory card such as downloaded files. How do i go about it without connecting to the PC? JO

roy ryan @ 1:42:55AM EDT on Saturday May 30, 2009

I'm planning to buy Samsung D780 model cause of it dual sim card Function so, I can seperate my personal and bussiness txt and calls. Can any one give a review of the phone for me. Its features and function, Its ups and down.

Thank you very much!!!

paru @ 11:14:22PM EDT on Wednesday June 17, 2009

thesamsung SGH-D780 model is good but,everyday it has to be charged,even if not used,the voice breaks as you talk,as experienced by the receiver

Pathan Majnu @ 1:02:24AM EDT on Friday July 10, 2009

I have a problem with my samsung SGH-D780. It is continuously restarting almost every 5 minutes. What might be the problem and how can I Solve it?

GOPI @ 12:43:01AM EDT on Sunday July 12, 2009

samsung phone is very good

Jovy @ 6:09:28AM EDT on Saturday August 15, 2009

I Love my new SGH-D780. Thanks Samsung! I never miss anything on my dual sim! It really works wherever I go!

james h milanzi @ 6:26:41AM EDT on Thursday August 20, 2009

i have a problem with my SGH-D780 my problem is totaly the same with the one mohamed is facing it is indeed continuously restarting how can you help us on this problem.otherwise ilove samsung mobile phones as am sending this comment to you ihave two samsung mobile phones handsets sgh-x540 and sgh-d780 infact i will be happy if you will tell me what couses this problem to my handset.ilove my handset
yours james from malawi
all the best

sureshsaharan @ 1:09:48PM EDT on Tuesday October 6, 2009

samsung sgh-d780 mobile very good thanks samsung it is very good set

yassow @ 12:39:33PM EDT on Wednesday October 21, 2009

hi, i'm also having SGH-D780 it's very nice cellphone but my phone continously restarting after every 5 minutes , so please tell me how to fix this prob.. with all love and respect to you.

Baggio @ 9:22:27AM EST on Friday November 6, 2009

Am having a problem with my samsung phone SGH-D780. The phone was already used by someone i don't know before i bought it. i cant change the phone password. I want a privacy lock on it but i don't have access to it due to the first user password. please help me solve the problem am having. Thanks

Ozzy @ 10:57:54AM EST on Monday November 23, 2009

Baggio, use the following code to reset all passwords to blank *#998*4678255# and you are good. Ozzy

Prasant @ 11:47:20AM EST on Monday December 28, 2009

My Samsung SGH D780 mobile have a problem i.e. I cand not see my files stored in Phone and are shown with the help of PC. Kindly send solution.

Wages @ 3:24:23AM EST on Saturday January 30, 2010

The samsung SGH D7890 phone is good but it can't be use for two things at a time. You can't charge and listen to music or radio at the same time. And the headsets are not good they don't last.

hlal @ 6:44:04AM EST on Tuesday February 2, 2010

I have same problem with my d780 it restarts every few minutes even when I am talking or using it ?????

ANANE @ 4:15:08AM EDT on Thursday June 10, 2010

samsung-SGH-D780 is good but u almost have to charge it every three hours if listern to music or radio. i also have problem pc connections. thanks

ravi @ 8:24:30AM EDT on Friday July 23, 2010

if ur phone reastarts than just restore its all setting in setting.and its a verry good cell who said we cant listen to music and charge at same time its fake.theres no problem in this cell its the best one...but wi-fi it would be the best cell

safaa mustafa @ 4:05:16AM EDT on Tuesday August 3, 2010

I have Problem in my mobile, always reset ( some times every 10- 20 minutes), please give me a solution or advise.

prabhu @ 10:23:02AM EST on Monday December 20, 2010

i have problem in samsung sgh d780
problem: if i have on my handset i saw number in left up corner please solve this problem

raviraj @ 1:33:46PM EST on Wednesday January 5, 2011

i have a problem with my samsung SGH-D780. It is continuously restarting almost every 5 minutes. What might be the problem and how can I Solve it? plz help me

Richie @ 7:44:43AM EDT on Wednesday June 8, 2011

I am one among customers who are crazy with samsung mobile phone but the problem which I experience with this SghD 780 only after one year and a half from september 2009 its fun as now hearing of screming noise and speaker become very weak I wonder. it must be there is an technical proble check please

Dan @ 4:38:46PM EDT on Friday August 19, 2011

I have a problem with my samsung SGH-D780. It is continuously restarting almost every 20 minutes. What might be the problem and how can I Solve it?
Thanks for your reply

Abu @ 8:11:47AM EDT on Tuesday October 4, 2011

How to use my Samsung SGH-D780 with internet to update my mobil program /
can mobile program Updated as computer one Through internet ?

arun @ 10:00:05AM EDT on Monday October 31, 2011

what is the code for formetting the phone?

romy @ 2:45:46PM EST on Friday November 25, 2011

how can i update my SGH-D780 using the phone browser? from all the indication,it seems the certificate i am using have expired and the phone needs to be updated.

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