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Verizon's New $59.99 Data Plan has Overage Charges

News by Michael Oryl on Thursday February 28, 2008.

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Today Verizon Wireless put out a press release explaining its previously announced changes to its Broadband Access data plans. Verizon's sole existing plan is a $59.99 'unlimited' plan, though Verizon's current terms state that the carrier may reduce throughput to roughly 200Kbps for any users that consume more than 5GB of data in a given billing period. The current plan, which has been in effect for some time, has no overage fees for consumed data above and beyond 5GB per month.

That is about to change with the new plans. While on March 2nd Verizon will start offering a cheaper $39.99 per month plan that includes 50MB of data, the new top end plan will cost $59.99 per month and have a 5GB data limit. Users of the $39.99 plan that go above their 50MB quota will pay an additional $.99 per MB, while subscribers to the $59.99 plan that go over their 5GB limit will be charged $.49 per MB of overage.

This marks a potentially expensive change for heavy data users, as spending a few hours in a hotel room watching video from your home's Slingbox could add a significant cost to your monthly bill.


casey @ 8:19:14PM EDT on Thursday July 30, 2009

vzw charges 0.05/mb for an overage fee not .49

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