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Apple expands suit against Samsung, adds more phones to the mix

News by Dan Seifert on Friday June 17, 2011.

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Apple has updated its complaint of design and trade dress infringement that it filed against Samsung and has added a bunch of new phones to the list of devices it claims are involved.

The new filing now includes the DROID Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S, Gravity Smart, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Sidekick 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy S II as devices that are infringing on Apple's design and trade-dress. A number of the new phones listed are rather surprising, seeing as there is no direct correlation to any current or past Apple products (Sidekick 4G, Gravity Smart, and Replenish all feature hardware QWERTY keyboards, and the Replenish doesn't even have Samsung's TouchWiz interface, which is a large part of Apple's complaint.).

In addition to the new hardware listed, Apple has increased the number of patents that it claims Samsung has infringed upon. There are three new utility patents for a total of eight, and two new design patents have been added, totaling five. Apple also toughened up its words when describing Samsung's actions, saying that Samsung made "products that blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple's products to capitalize on Apple's success."

Samsung is due to hand in to the court samples of the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G, and DROID Charge along with retail packaging for Apple's outside counsel to look at. The court has yet to decide if Apple will have to turn over the unreleased devices that Samsung has requested for review. [FOSS Patents via PhoneScoop]

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