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Verizon offering VideoSurf video recognition tool to its Android smartphone users

News by Michael Oryl on Thursday June 02, 2011.

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Today Verizon Wireless announced that it is now offering VideoSurf's mobile app to Verizon smartphone users. The VideoSurf application lets user point their phone's camera at video sources like televisions, movies, and music videos to quickly, in theory, get identification and search infromation on the video source in question.

The application uses both audio and what VideoSurf claims to be proprietary visual recognition technologies to identify the video sources that users are watching.

My quick tests with the app on an LG Revolution were less than impressive, though. While it managed to identify a couple of episodes of Modern Family from ABC.com, it could only do so with loud audio. In fact, it was able to make the identifications without any video at all. Attempts at identifying a few television programs on a large screen TV were unsuccessful, with the application sitting at the "Uploading" screen forever.

In any case, the application is free and will be of some use to TV and movie fans, even if it isn't always a reliable tool.

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