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AT&T demos 4G LTE network, expects 28Mbps speeds for real people

News by Dan Seifert on Friday May 20, 2011.

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AT&T recently demoed its upcoming LTE network for GigaOm, and showed off some of the impressive connection speeds that it expects to see in the real world.

During the demo, AT&T's LTE network was able to sustain 28.87Mbps download speeds and 10.4Mbps upload speeds. The demo utilized both 700MHz spectrum and some of the AWS (1700MHz) spectrum that the carrier owns. AT&T looks to acquire more AWS spectrum for its LTE network through the buyout of T-Mobile. AT&T claims that it modeled real-world situations for this demo of its new network, and that it expects customers to see these kinds of speeds when the network is deployed.

For comparison, Verizon Wireless claims that customers will see speeds of 12Mbps down and 5Mbps up with its LTE network, something that proved true during our multiple tests of it. It is likely that AT&T's network will offer a similar range of speeds once it is loaded many simultaneous connections.

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