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Apple shuts down incentivized apps

News by Jordan Crook on Wednesday April 20, 2011.

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Apple has put its foot down with regards to incentivized apps in its App Store. Developers such as Flurry, TapJoy, and numerous others who offer virtual currency or goods in exchange for downloading a promoted application, are now having their applications rejected by Apple, which claims that the incentivized applications are in violations of section 3.10 of the developer guidelines.

Generally, incentivized apps are a win-win for everyone involved. The application being promoted pays a fee to one of its competitors for the publicity, and the application featuring the offer gets a cut. Plus, app users can acquire virtual goods by simply downloading an app, rather than shelling out real-world dough. For Apple, on the other hand, incentivized apps don't provide the manufacturer with a cut like in-app payments do.

In any case, Apple is shutting down the incentivized apps system months after its been put in place, and thus putting a thorn in the side of big-name iOS developers such as Tapulous, TapJoy, Groupon, Playdom, and Pinger. [via TechCrunch]

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