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HTC Thunderbolt LTE OnOff app launches in Android Market

News by Dan Seifert on Tuesday April 05, 2011.

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TeamAndIRC have released an application to the Android Market that makes a simple task of turning the 4G LTE radio off on the HTC ThunderBolt in order to save battery life.

The app, which is listed in the market as LTE OnOff TeamAndIRC, gives HTC ThunderBolt users easy access to the configuration menu to turn the LTE off and use 3G exclusively. Benefits of doing this would be greater battery life in times or areas where one does not need the higher speeds afforded by LTE.

Without the app, users would have to key *#*#4636#*#* into the dial pad to access a hidden Android configuration menu every time they wanted to turn the LTE radio off. The app streamlines this process and takes users directly to the menu without having to punch in any codes. Once in the configuration screen, users can select between 5 different network settings under the preferred network type option. To turn off LTE, one would choose the CDMA auto (PRL) setting. It is recommended to use this to avoid any interruptions with voice service. Once selected, the user can exit the app, and the radio setting will be saved. There are other options within the configuration menu; however, unless you know what you are doing with the other settings, we recommend leaving them set as is. To turn LTE back on, one just has to open the LTE OnOff app again and choose the CDMA + LTE/Ev-Do auto option under preferred network types.

LTE OnOff is free and available in the Android Market now.

Check out the video below demonstrating how to use the LTE OnOff app.

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