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ITC considers review of billion dollar Kodak suit against RIM, Apple

News by Jordan Crook on Saturday March 26, 2011.

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At 5 PM today, the International Trade Commission will make a decision that could force a review of a suit Kodak filed against Apple and RIM. The suit is similar to the one Kodak won against LG and Samsung in 2009, but the RIM and Apple case has not gone nearly as well for Kodak so far - a judge found the smartphone makers not in violation of Kodak's patent in January.

Today the ITC will decide whether it should review the judge's findings from January, and Kodak CEO Antonio Perez claimed that a victory today is potentially worth $1 billion in royalties. An ITC review would breathe much-needed life into the lungs of Kodak's mission, a fight that Kodak "deserves to win," according to Perez. The 2009 patent war with LG and Samsung resulted in a gain of $550 million (Samsung) and $414 million (LG) from intellectual property licensing for Kodak.

Of course, nothing concrete will come from today's decision, as the ITC is merely choosing whether or not the findings are worthy of review. A formal decision won't be made until May 23, should the ITC move forward with a review. Until then, Kodak will just have to keep its fingers crossed. [via Bloomberg]

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