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    Galaxy Alpha to launch August 13th

    Samsung's juggling act starts now with the company having to decide when to launch its slew of smartphones that will arrive in the next few months. We told you yesterday how the company will use the IFA show in Berlin to unveil the Galaxy Note 4, but Samsung has another handset heading our way in August, the Galaxy Alpha. More

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    HTC Butterfly J launches in Japan

    The new HTC Butterfly J has been launched in Japan and is heading to the country's KDDI carrier network and Okinawa Cellular. The device is the latest mid-range effort from the Taiwanese company as it attempts to find significant market presence once again. More

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A heading to Europe sans QHD screen

    With Samsung set to launch a slew of handsets over the second half of the year, there will be plenty of news surrounding the Korean giant. However, the first bit of Sammy news today regards a device that has already been launched but will be finding its way to other markets. More

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    You'll want HP's smart watch, but can you afford it?

    Smart watches have been on the verge of exploding for the last two years, at least if you listen to analysts. However, the market has struggled to really take off and wrist wearable sales are still only counted in the hundreds of thousands instead of millions. Much of that failure to explode has been attributed to a lack of showbiz in the way smart watches look, but HP may have a remedy for that with its upcoming wearable. More

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    Is OnePlus working on a smart watch?

    OnePlus has made a splash in the smartphone arena with its One handset, and the company now has its sights set on another market, namely the wearable one. More

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    Galaxy Note 4 pegged for September 3rd launch

    We have been hearing plenty about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet flagship, from the extreme (folding screen) to the probable (robust S Health features). Now we have a little more news about when the device will land, and this is some pretty concrete stuff so we would say it's alright to take this to the bank. More

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    Huawei teases smartphone launch for Berlin

    Chinese mega brand Huawei has today teased a product launch for a new smartphone, with an event that will take place at 15:00pm on September 4th. The launch will be held during the IFA show in Berlin, Germany, where a number of smartphone vendors will be releasing new products. More

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    Sales of "mini" smartphones are falling

    A report today suggests that sales of "mini" versions of smartphones are "falling short of expectation" in what yours truly think is fantastic news. As someone who is wholeheartedly against the mini trend, I have been waiting for the day when these devices are no more, so for me this is a step in the right direction. More

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    OnePlus could ditch CyanogenMod for the One

    One of the exciting things about the OnePlus One was that it came rocking the CyanogenMod ROM, the first mainstream smartphone to do so in fact. That made it an instant fan favourite among those who simply must have Android and was one of the reasons why the One became an overnight sensation before even being rolled out. More

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    Samsung's mobile division slips by 31%

    When Samsung announced its overall company financials a few weeks ago it revealed a slip in profits. The Korean giant said this was because of decreased demand in its mobile division and warned that specific numbers for its mobile hardware would not make for pretty reading (if you are a Samsung fan). More

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    HTC press event for August points to Nexus 8

    After plenty of product leaks and reports over the last couple of months, it seems as though HTC will be launching something significant. The Taiwanese company has scheduled a press event to take place in New York City, Tuesday August 19, but of course HTC has declined to say what the event will be for. More

  • editorial

    How to sideload Android apps to the Amazon Fire Phone

    Amazon has done a pretty good job in beefing up its Appstore recently and indeed when the Fire Phone was launched the company boasted that there was 240,000 apps and games in the store. That is impressive, but it still pales in significance to the amount available on Android's Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. More

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    The LG G Vista heading to Verizon tomorrow

    The LG G Vista is a device we have been waiting to see for some time and now Verizon has confirmed that the smartphone will land on July 31st. More

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    Mobile Platform market share: Android grows, Windows grows, iOS slips

    Kantar Worldpanel uses consumer research, market trends, and manufacturer figures to create its respected monthly sales stats for mobile platforms. More

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    Report: Imposter app bug found in Android

    BlueBox Security released findings today that show a dangerous flaw in Android that allows hackers to get onto your device by posing as a legitimate app. This news once again throws into question the security on Google's Android platform, but what does it mean for you? More