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Hands-On With Motorola's RAZR2 V8

Gallery by Michael Oryl on Saturday May 26, 2007.

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I've spent the last couple of days playing around with a prototype Motorola RAZR2 V8. Physically, the device is a real stunner. It feels very solidly build, is good looking, and offers most all of the flash and style of the original. The most obvious differences between the RAZR2 and the original RAZR are the massive external display and the lack of an antenna bulge, or chin, on the newer V8.

The external display is interesting for more than merely its 50mm (2") diagonal measurement, though. Three electrostatic touch keys are built onto the surface of the glass that protects the display. Each button is approximately 6mm square in size, which leaves about 6mm of space between each of them. This spacing helps ensure that only one button is hit at a time. The lables for the touch buttons are drawn on the display, such as the previous, play/pause, and next keys seen when using the music player. These buttons could be drawn as something else for a different function, such as the camera, but I have not seen this used anywhere in the V8. Perhaps the best part of the buttons is the vibration feedback that the V8 offers when one of the touch keys is pressed. Thanks to this haptic feedback, you will always know when the phone has recognized your intentions. I've been very pleased with them so far.

The vibration feedback is also used with the volume and smartkey controls on the left edge of the phone, as well as with the camera shutter button that is located on the right edge. I find the camera shutter button very hard to use in this pre-production unit, though. The button offers poor tactile feedback - it feels as if the button is broken since it is somewhat loose and doesn't depress very far at all. Hopefully this is just an issue with the prototypes.

[I have it from a good source that the shutter button problem is not found on all of the V8 prototypes, which makes it seem all the more likely that it was just a glitch in some of the prototypes and that it will not be an issue in the production devices that will be produced in the future. -editor]

One of the changes in the design of the new RAZR2 line that I didn't notice at the launch event in New York was that they use the newly defined micro-USB connector for charging, wired headsets, and, of course, USB connectivity. I've included a few photos that show the differences between the traditional mini-USB and the new micro-USB connectors. Personally, while I appreciate that the new mobile specific micro-USB port will allow for marginally thinner devices, it seems to be quite a bit more difficult to use than the larger mini-USB connector we've grown used to. My guess is that I'll build up quite a collection of micro-USB adapters over the course of the next year, since I expect we will see them on many devices from a number of the major manufacturers.

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nieuwelaar @ 3:18:51AM EDT on Saturday August 22, 2009

motorazr2 v8 where can I buy one?
pref in europe but anywhere on line is ok

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