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Nokia's new 9500 Communicator (CeBIT '04)

Gallery by Michael Oryl on Tuesday March 30, 2004.

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While visiting with one of Nokia's press people at their booth this year, we were given the chance to play around with their new line of handsets.

Included in this table full of electronics was the new 9500 Communicator.

I am a big fan of the Communicator series, having owned and used a 9210 for a good solid 9 months when I first moved to Germany. I found the big display and spacious keyboard perfect for things like a German-English Dictionary application.

Sure, it was missing Bluetooth and GPRS, but it still worked for me, as well as for a lot of other people considering how many of them I used to see on the streets of Munich.

That's why I was so pleased to hear the spec list of the new device. Bluetooth, GPRS/EDGE, WiFi (!) - everything you could want. That is, except for the keyboard. The keyboard on the 9500 is rather poorly implemented. The keys have no spacing between them at all, and they offer very little in terms of travel. This leaves you unable to feel your way around the keypad without looking, and even when you find the key, you don't get a reassuring feeling from using it.

I have no doubt that the 9500 will still sell well, but I think Nokia has sacrificed usability in an attempt to make the device better looking.

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Nokia 9500 Communicator
Nokia 9500 Communicator

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