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Sanyo at CES '04

Gallery by Michael Oryl on Saturday January 10, 2004.

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While not a major name in mobile phones in some parts of the world, Sanyo was showing some rather aggressive concept designs that make use of OLED display technology. Most of the photographs are of units with actual live main displays, though the images on those displays were static. The smaller displays found on some units above the keypad were all fake, though.

Some of these concepts had displays that could be rotated into landscape mode. This is intended to make viewing of TV and movies and the like easier by making use of the full size of the display. We were unable to actually handle any of the concept devices, which is really no surprise.

In addition to the concept designs, Sanyo was showing one functioning handset that was capable of displaying digital TV programs. The picture quality was reasonable for news shows and such, but I can't really imagine watching a movie or regular sitcom on such a device.

We have quite a bunch of photos of the concept phones and one of the digital TV phone on the following pages.

Sanyo concept phone with rotating display
Sanyo concept phone with rotating display


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