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Gallery: Hands-on with Nokia's 3.2MP N93

Gallery by Michael Oryl on Wednesday April 26, 2006.

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When I was first handed a Nokia N93 during the press conference at the Nokia Nseries event in Berlin, the reaction was immediate: this thing is even larger than an N90. That is no small feat, since the N90 was what I considered to be the largest clamshell handset on the market today. The new N93 is a bit thicker and a bit wider than the N90, but there are good reasons for that, so it seems.

To start, the N93 has a new 3.2 megapixel camera sensor with a mechanical shutter, as compared to the 2 megapixel unit in the N90 that had no shutter at all. On top of that, and perhaps more significant, is the addition of a 3x optical zoom to the camera system. For me personally, optical zoom in a camera phone has always been a sort of Holy Grail type thing, so I was naturally excited by the prospect of not ever needing to carry a point and shoot camera again.

But Nokia has added more than that to the N93. For the estimated retail price of 550EUR (un-subsidized), you also get 802.11b/g connectivity, a TV output capability, an FM radio, and EDGE data support in addition to the triband GSM and UMTS capabilities that the N90 offered. All together, that is a lot of technology.

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