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Q: Why don't you review the ________?
Q: Why do you only focus on phones made by ________?
Q: I'd like to write for Mobile Burn. Will you send me phones?
Q: Hah hah! You made a mistake in your review/newsbrief/world history essay!
Q: What phone is better? ________ or ________?
Q: I can't get something on my ________ mobile phone to work. Can you help me?
Q: I can't configure my phone to do what you did in the review. Can you help me?
Q: Your review stinks! The ________ is awesome/lousy!
Q: Why don't you ever mention the prices?
Q: Can you recomend a ________?
Q: Can you send me all the information you have on the ________?
Q: When is the ________ going to be available on the market?
Q: Can you sell me a ________?
Q: PocketPC or PalmOS?