We are looking to hire a tech/gadget blogger for a new site

We are looking for a blogger that can help us launch a new tech/gadget blog. We need a person that will be able to dig up stories on the web and write brief, typical blog style posts about cool gadgets and tech in general (phones, cameras, laptops, USB memory sticks - whatever). This isn't hard core journalism here, but we will have a baseline standard for professionalism that will have to be maintained. The kind of posts we want for the launch period are "we found this here, it's cool, this is why it's cool, you should go read it." 150 to 200 words per post, perhaps.

For the initial launch period of 3 to 6 months, we will probably be looking for roughly 5 posts per weekday on average. Once the site starts generating traffic and enough ad revenue to support itself, we are planning to expand the operations so that our first hire can start overseeing a few additional freelance bloggers that will work on the site. We aim to build from there, eventually doing reviews, attending trade shows, etc.

I will handle the business and infrastructure side of the site, including advertising and payroll, while this initial blogger we hire will be responsible for the content and, hopefully, eventually managing other bloggers on the site, when we expand.

We are planning to launch this new site in the next month or two, and will probably be running it on top of WordPress. Initially, we would expect to pay our new tech blogger on a per-post basis, though that would likely change once the operation expands to include multiple bloggers.

This position is open to people in North America or Europe, in general, though somebody based in the mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. that has easy access to New York would be great. Applicants should either be native English speakers or speak English very fluently - we expect proper grammar and spelling on the site, even if it is going to be much less formal than MobileBurn.com.

People that already work on other blogs (personal or otherwise) are welcome as long as there are no conflicts of interest. If you have questions, feel free to ask first before applying. Should you choose to apply, send an introduction email that talks about you and your interests, and include the text of your resume (CV) in the email - web based and attached resumes will likely be ignored.

Send questions and applications via email to iwannablog@MobileBurn.com.

-Michael Oryl, March 11th, 2008.

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