Text Link Ad Information

Looking to generate some leads for your company or web site?

Purchasing a text link ad on MobileBurn.com can help you do that. We serve about 1.5 million pages of content to a half million unique readers each month.

For US$75/mo, payable via PayPal only *, we'll provide you with a text link of up to 22 characters in length that points to the URL of your choosing. You may also add a title attribute to the link of up to 12 words. Titles show up as tool tips on some browsers when you hover your mouse over a link.

Text links are placed in our Friends/Affiliates section, which is located on the right side of the bottom of our web pages. The order of the links in the section is randomized every few minutes so as to be fair to all clients. You can not purchase a specific position in the list.

You can, however, save 5% by purchasing 3 or more months of text link service at one time, or by purchasing 3 or more links for the same one month period. We can offer significant discounts for link campaigns that run a year or longer and are paid for in advance.

Links can be started at any time during the month, but must run for a 1 month minimum. We do not sell text link ads for any period less than a full month.

Any purchased links will point directly** to your website. As such, we can not track the click-through rate for you. Purchased ad links will show up for the duration of your ad run on all of our text content pages across all of the 19000+ stories in the site, or only on our home page - depending on your preference.

We need the following information for each text link you wish to purchase:

URL: The URL (http://www.yourcompany.com/) to link to
Link text: Up to 22 characters, including spaces, for the actual link
Link title: Up to 12 words to put in the title attribute (optional)

If you are interested in purchasing a text link ad, or merely need more information, you can contact Michael Oryl via our feedback page. But, please, read this entire page first. Most all of the information you need is here.

MobileBurn.com reserves the right to refuse the sale of ad links for any reason whatsoever, including those that point to what we consider questionable content, or that make use of what we deem inappropriate wording.

* We will consider bank wires or checks as payment for text links paid up front for 12 months or more. No other exceptions will be made.

** Links will include a rel="nofollow" parameter.

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