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Our online glossary is here to help you make sense of the terminology used in the cell phone industry. It covers mobile technologies, such as 3G and 4G, and even includes a bit of information on smartphone operating systems and the companies that make the cell phones and other mobile technology devices we all use.

What is "autofocus"?

Auto-Focus is found in digital camera software and in smartphone camera modules, giving the device the ability to automatically focus on a subject correctly, without the need of manual intervention from the user. Improving on fixed focus cameras, this feature allows improved zoom shots and closer macro shots.

Smartphones tend to use passive auto-focus, which means contrast is needed for the lens to focus and is the reason why some devices struggle to focus on blank colored surfaces or in low light. A flash, which is included on many smartphones, can help to produce artificial light to aid in the camera focus in these situations.

Also known as: "AF", "auto-focus"

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