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Amazon Just Made the Struggling Fire Phone a Bargain ($199.99 Unlocked)
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

The Fire Phone has been an unmitigated disaster from day one for Amazon and we have documented extensively on these pages just what a flop it has been. It seems as though the company has finally decided to concede defeat with the device and has drove the final nail into the coffin of the device with an, ahem, fire sale. The retails giant has decided to make its Fire Phone a full on budget phone.

Samsung Remains Dominant in North American Phablet Market
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

There has been plenty of bad news for Samsung of late, but the company still has some bright points to look at. For example, the company is still the phablet king despite the arrival of the iPhone 6 Plus, at least according to market researcher Chitika. The company conducted research for the North American market, looking at smartphone traffic for devices with a screen size of over 5-inches.

Sony's Next SmartWatch Could be made From E-paper
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

Sony was one of the first to jump on the wearable trend with its SmartWatch devices, paving the way for other companies. The Japanese brand is now marketing the SmartWatch 3, a wearable that stands alongside Android Wear products with much the same specs and features as each other. However, Sony is apparently ready to spread its wearable wings with another smartwatch, one with an e-paper screen.

Samsung Enters First Share Buyback Since 2007
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

Samsung has endured a torrid 2014 and for the first time in years the company's smartphone business faces an uncertain future. The company has taken steps to address tumbling profits, such as reducing its smartphone output in 2015 to make its products less conspicuous in the market. Also it is being reported that the Korean giant is about to relieve head of mobile and co-CEO J.K. Shin of his executive duties.

Jolla Adds Two More Countries to Tablet Roll Out
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

You maybe remember that we told you last week about the Jolla Tablet that will be rocking the company's Sailfish OS and is looking for crowdfunding backing. The Indiegogo funding campaign was such a success that Jolla has said it will be able to begin production because the campaign drew in much more than a million dollars (the company was asking for $300,000).

Blackberry Wants to Make Money off BBM
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

When Blackberry went through the floor last year there were few lights guiding the company to the end of the tunnel. However, services provided a small way out and something to build off and with things like BBM, Blackberry started to claw itself out of trouble. The end of that tunnel has not yet been reached and BBM heading to other platforms only proved a marginal success, but yet the messaging service is starting to make an impact for Blackberry and the company is ready to monetize BBM.

Could Apple Cut Google as Default Search on Safari?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

Apple has been working itself away from Google for some time now, with the removal of apps such as YouTube and Google Maps as defaults on iOS devices, while Siri avoids Google searches as much as possible. The voice assistant now used Bing as a default and utilizes services such as Yelp before giving Google and precedence. Cupertino is now continuing its move away from Google integration if reports are true saying the Safari web browser will stop offering Google Search as default.

Sonim's XP7 Extreme is One for the Adventurous
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

Not every smartphone needs to be a stylish beast tote and show off to your friends, some just need to get the job done. Whipping an iPhone 6 out when trekking the Amazon or conquering the North Pole is probably not going to cut it, so you will want to get more rugged. Sure, company's like Samsung play at doing the rugged stuff, but if you want a truly rough and tumble handset one of your first port of calls should be Sonim.

OnePlus Opens Retail Store in Beijing
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

A few mobile companies have bricks and mortar stores. Apple has had huge success in the retail space, Microsoft has a presence in the US, while Samsung and Sony have been long term retailers. However, they are all huge companies with multiple products to push. So, you can color us pretty surprised that OnePlus has opened its own retail location in China.

Blackberry Passport Now Available in Red
By Luke Jones on Tuesday November 25, 2014

The Blackberry Passport has sold well since its launch. Not big hit well, but enough to ensure that Blackberry has retained a core of dedicated consumers who want the company's blend of bizarre smartphone, security, and productivity. The handset has only been available in White and Black so far, but the red version that has been teased has finally been launched by Blackberry today.