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Microsoft's new Lumia 730 poses for image
By Luke Jones on Friday August 08, 2014

While we have our doubts about the marketing merits of companies selling handsets as "selfie" phones, it seems that it is a going trend. Microsoft will jump on that particular bandwagon with a new device that has been rumoured for some time but has now shown up for the first time in a leaked image.

Here's a close look at the metal Samsung Galaxy Alpha
By Luke Jones on Monday August 04, 2014

Sure, it may not be the device we thought it would be, but we are still looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha launching this month. If nothing else, this is the first smartphone Samsung has made from metal, so even if it does not live up to earlier expectations, it is at least a curiosity. Today we have the chance to take a closer look at some of the metal that will be used with perhaps the best shot of the Alpha in the wild we have seen yet.

Moto 360 may be plastic and not metal
By Luke Jones on Sunday August 03, 2014

With Motorola's Moto 360 smart watch surely due to land anytime, the anticipation for the wearable people actually want is growing. Since being revealed earlier this year, the Moto 360 has gained consumer recognition like no smart watch before it, with much of the demand coming from its round face and seemingly high end build.

Is OnePlus working on a smart watch?
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 31, 2014

OnePlus has made a splash in the smartphone arena with its One handset, and the company now has its sights set on another market, namely the wearable one.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha WILL have a 720p display
By Luke Jones on Monday July 28, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha (previously the F or Prime) is the smartphone that just keeps on giving as another leak has arrived today, this one a little more concrete. Just about everything there is to know about this device is already out there, so we will keep this brief.

Moto G 2 casing hints at svelte body
By Luke Jones on Monday July 28, 2014

If you have been craving some information about the upcoming Moto G sequel then you should take a look at this reported rear cover from the device.

Motorola working on the Nexus 6 with Google
By Luke Jones on Monday July 28, 2014

There has been a mystery surrounding Google's Nexus range this year, with some rumours even pointing towards the brand being discontinued. Google is working on a new product line called Android Silver, and it was widely accepted that it would replace the outgoing Nexus branding.

Samsung's Galaxy Alpha is not what you thought it was
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 24, 2014

Here it is, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a handset that is meant to be something of a new dawn for the Korean company. However, this is Samsung and the company rarely does the thing YOU want it to

ZTE and T-Mobile smartphone collaboration first look
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 22, 2014

ZTE, like other Chinese brands does not enjoy a lot of market presence in areas outside of Asia. Sure, the company is there, but it is not in the spotlight, and for the most part Chinese devices are not given the big push by US carriers like other brands. However, if any carrier would break the mould it would be the Uncarrier!

Sony's Xperia Z3X will have a Snapdragon 810
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 22, 2014

How does a Sony flagship with a 22 megapixel camera and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 sound?