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This could be another shot of the Motorola Moto X+1
By Luke Jones on Friday July 11, 2014

The device you are seeing in the picture is rumoured to be the new Motorola flagship, the Moto X+1, and no the company is not going for a radical new design. That means you will not be using a tape covered smartphone as the sticky stuff is merely in place to make sure our prying eyes cannot make out too much detail

This could be the new Sony Xperia Z3
By Luke Jones on Friday July 11, 2014

Things have been quiet regarding Sony flagships of late, which is to be expected as the company released its high end smartphones at the start of the year. However, the end of the year is expected to bring with it the new Xperia Z3 device that will be the company's all-out assault on the flagship world

Unknown tablet shows up at Google I/O
By Luke Jones on Friday June 27, 2014

"Hey, what's that?" is a very common question at company developer events during keynote speeches when images of devices flash on the screen. At Google's I/O the "what's that?" moment came when the company flashed a tablet on screen that we have never seen before, meaning it could be the HTC Nexus or another new slate.

Asus to launch sub $150 smart watch this year
By Luke Jones on Friday June 27, 2014

Asus has showed plenty of times that it can build affordable Android products that also exude a quality beyond their humble price tags. Of course, the Nexus 7 built with Google is the prime example of this. Now the Taiwanese company will throw itself into the wearable market by attempting to bring the smart watch to the masses, with an Android Wear device set to land later this year.

Samsung targets the camera as the Galaxy Note 4's standout feature
By Luke Jones on Thursday June 26, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones of 2014, which is no mean feat considering the device will land around the same time as a new iPhone. Samsung's phablet shares the limelight with the biggest selling device of them all and holds its own, especially in one key spec area.

Is this HTC's Nexus Volantis tablet?
By Luke Jones on Sunday June 22, 2014

The Nexus brand is up in the air at the moment, at least from a smartphone perspective. Google is likely to ditch the Nexus brand for Android Silver early next year, so last year?s Nexus 5 is likely the last smartphone bearing the name. However, the Nexus tablet range still has some steam left in it and we can expect to see some new slates from Google towards the end of the year.

Verizon Wireless interested in buying up Dish's spectrum
By Andrew Kameka on Friday June 20, 2014

Dish Network has accumulated a great deal of frequency licenses that it had hoped to use to launch a wireless network or acquire and pair with an establish player like Sprint or T-Mobile. Such a deal never materialized, so Dish is reportedly looking to earn some money for that unused spectrum by selling it to Verizon Wireless.

Three new Sony Xperia's on the way, codenames leaked online
By Luke Jones on Tuesday June 17, 2014

Handset launches and potential upcoming devices from the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, and Apple have dominated the mobile news recently. Other brands such as Motorola and Oppo have also had their share of the limelight, but one juggernaut company has been missing.

Will the new Samsung Galaxy S5 launch this week?
By Luke Jones on Tuesday June 17, 2014

Samsung is rumored to bring its Galaxy S5 up to speed with the latest smartphone heavyweights like the LG G3. However, that device most often cited as the refresh is the Galaxy F, a super phone that Samsung will launch later in the year. That isn't going to stop Samsung from updating the S5 sooner.

T-Mobile reportedly working on simpler billing terms
By Andrew Kameka on Monday June 16, 2014

T-Mobile is set to announce a new "Uncarrier" initiative that will further distinguish the fourth-place US carrier from its rivals. Having already changed tactics with phone upgrades, payment options, and international roaming charges, the carrier will reportedly do away with bill surprises.