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HTC One M8 Review
By Andrew Kameka on Monday April 07, 2014

The HTC One is a thing of beauty. The tech media fawned over itself when discussing the 2013 model for its aluminum body, large display, and above average design. Now the One M8 arrives to be even better.

Blu Life One X Review: the brightest Blu phone yet
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 19, 2014

Improvement is the most that you can ask for from a smartphone vendor, and the Blu Life One X is one phone that definitely improves upon the smartphones we've seen the vendor released in the past. How much better is the Life One X?

Samsung launches Milk Music, a pretty music app powered by Slacker Radio
By Andrew Kameka on Friday March 07, 2014

Samsung has yet another music streaming service to deliver the latest hits to smartphones. In addition to its internal music app that ships with every phone and its former Music Hub powered by 7digital, Android's leading manufacturer today unveiled Milk Music, a Slacker-powered streaming music app that is exclusive to Galaxy devices in the United States.

LG G Flex Review: trouble with the curve (AT&T)
By Andrew Kameka on Monday February 10, 2014

There's never been a phone quite like the LG G Flex. The G Flex is a device with a large imprint and an unavoidable curve. That's both the selling point of the device and potentially it's greatest weakness. So which is it: virtue or flaw? Let's find out.

iPhone to Motorola: how to transfer contacts and calendars with Moto Migrate [VIDEO]
By Andrew Kameka on Friday January 24, 2014

Switching from an iPhone to an Android comes with its setbacks, including having to repurchase or replace some of your favorite apps. The recently released Moto Migrate tool makes it easy to transfer contacts from an iPhone to Motorola, as well as calendar events, with the touch of a button or two.

Sony Xperia Z1S Review (T-Mobile): Big Magenta gets a bit of style
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 23, 2014

Sony has a habit of releasing smartphones in the US months after they've already been seen in Europe and Asia. The Xperia Z1S shortened the wait time somewhat, but is the Sony Xperia Z1S still a phone worth experiencing?

Google Nexus 5 vs. Moto X vs. HTC One (Google Play Edition)
By Andrew Kameka on Friday January 03, 2014

Of the small number of phones that have been update to Android 4.4 Kitkat, three standout: the Google Nexus 5, Moto X, and HTC One Google Play Edition. Which of these smartphones is the best to own?

Moto G vs. Moto X Review - 179 for a whole lot of phone
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 31, 2013

Motorola spent four years selling its phones by making the argument that power trumps everything else. Then it did a swift about face with the Moto X, a phone that said power is good but effectiveness is great. The Moto G takes that plan to the extreme.

Lovely for Android is a simple app for finding a new place to live
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 17, 2013

I hate my apartment but the building is in the perfect location and the price is right, so I'm stuck here until I find somewhere better. Lovely is an app with the potential to help me, or anyone else, find a better place to live.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Review
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday December 04, 2013

Though the Android-powered Yoga Tablet doesn't drastically change form factors like the Windows-based hybrid, it does feature a design to convert into more useful positions. Here's a look at the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8, the most interesting tablet seen in a while.