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Apple iOS Reviews

Opera Coast browser for iPhone focuses the web on gestures and favorites
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 24, 2014

As far as alternative browsers on iOS go, Opera's Coast stands out as a browser based on stripping down everything in order to deliver the web and nothing more. The iPad app is now available on the iPhone.

Jackery Leaf Battery Case Review - double your iPhone's battery life in an instant
By Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 17, 2014

Regardless of how good battery life might be for a phone, it's probably not good enough for people who use their phone often. Apple iPhone 5 or 5s users who need more power might want to get a Jackery Leaf case.

Typo Keyboard review: turn your iPhone into a BlackBerry with this Bluetooth keyboard case
By Andrew Kameka on Monday January 27, 2014

If you want to have a physical keyboard experience without missing out on what an iPhone has to offer, Typo Keyboard wants to be your solution. Created for the sole purpose of converting an iPhone into a device capable of meeting the needs of typing traditionalists, can this Bluetooth keyboard keep up?

iPad Air Review (Wi-Fi only)
By Andrew Kameka on Wednesday November 20, 2013

It's amazing how much a product can change in a generation or two. What's even more amazing is that despite differences in feeling between the iPad Air and previous generations, very little separates the the latest iOS tablet from its predecessors. For many people, that may be a good thing.

Apple iPhone 5S Review
By Andrew Kameka on Tuesday October 08, 2013

Apple's innovative streak really only rears its head in alternating cycles, so the "S" follow-up tends to be just an improvement on the last device before things really change the next year. The Apple iPhone 5S does nothing to buck that trend, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

IFTTT iPhone app is one of the most useful iOS apps around
By Andrew Kameka on Friday July 12, 2013

IFTTT is a beloved website that automates certain activities that trigger other activities. When the "This" happens, "That" follows without the user having to do anything. After a long history of managing these automated actions, an IFTTT iPhone app is already one of my favorite iOS apps.

Google Now iOS vs Android
By Andrew Kameka on Monday April 29, 2013

An update to Google Search for iOS has delivered much of the same joy that Android users have enjoyed for the past 10 months, but what are iPhone and iPad users missing with their version of Google Now?

Reminder+ iPhone app uses location to make sure you never forget any task or event
By Andrew Kameka on Friday April 26, 2013

Apple iOS comes with a reminders app to help spark your memory, but it's designed to meet only the most basic needs. Reminder+ is another simple app for remembering what needs to be done, but it manages to provide more sophistication and options based on location.

Osito offers Google Now-lite features for iPhone users
By Andrew Kameka on Friday April 19, 2013

Apple iPhone users jealous of Google Now still don't have the official app to distract them, but a new iOS app called Osito attempts deliver the basics of predicting what personal information you're likely to seek.

Newsify - the Best iOS App Ever...this week
By Dan Seifert on Friday June 08, 2012

Newsify is a relatively new Google Reader app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that pairs some of the best features of Flipboard and Reeder into one fast and powerful app. Its feature set and easy-on-the-eyes interface earn it the nod for Best iOS App Ever...this week.