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Sony Building New Pro Tablet
By Luke Jones on Friday December 26, 2014

There have been widespread reports that Apple will make a large screen iPad next year, while Samsung already has a "Pro" slate, but another company may be joining this growing niche. Sony is reportedly entering the fray with its own oversized tablet, a device that will be launched in 2015.

Leaked Sony Email Reveals Xperia Z4 in full
By Luke Jones on Monday December 22, 2014

The Sony Pictures hack has caused earthquakes throughout the movie industry, shaking the business and probably having ramifications that will be felt for months. However, Sony's other businesses have largely been untouched, although that has changed this past weekend as an internal email leaked online revealed details about the upcoming Xperia Z4 flagship, a new wearable, and how much Sony will pay James Bond to use its gear.

Sony Teases Xperia Z4 with Official CES Video
By Luke Jones on Friday December 19, 2014

Sony has always had a considerable presence at CES, the yearly Las Vegas based trade show that in 2015 will be taking place between January 6 and January 9. However, CES is more of a consumer electronics show and smartphones have not featured in Sony's launches in the past, at least not flagships. However, the company is reportedly set to launch the Xperia Z4 as the event in two weeks' time, perhaps leaving the PC game and slowing down its TV output has given Sony space to fill at the event.

Sony Confirms Android 5.0 for Xperia Z3 and Z2 Early Next Year
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 18, 2014

Sony has a shed a little light on when it will be updating its high end devices to Android 5.0 Lollipop, with the Xperia team sending a tweet on Wednesday. The company said it is going to start the updating process for both the Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z2 series of products early next year.

Sony SmartWatch 3 Receiving Android Wear 5.0 Now
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 16, 2014

It is not only smartphones and tablets that are starting to get a lick of Android 5.0 Lollipop as wearables are also getting in on the action too. The 5.0 update for Google's Android Wear smartwatch platform has now started doing the rounds and Motorola's Moto 360 is getting the bump today. Aside from Motorola's standard bearer, Sony's SmartWatch 3 is also reported to be landing the update today.

Sony Pictures Hack Sophisticated Enough to Enter Government Websites
By Luke Jones on Saturday December 13, 2014

The Sony Pictures hack saga show no signs of abating, and in fact the perpetrators, the so-called Guardians of Peace (GOP), are even hinting at a worldwide cyber terrorism act and that Sony is just the first target. They managed to steal 100 terabytes of data including information on employee salaries, movie scripts and even screening versions of upcoming films that have since been leaked online.

Sony Xperia Z4 could disappoint
By Luke Jones on Monday December 08, 2014

Remember September? It was a busy month for smartphone launches with a slew of new handsets landing on the market. The beginning of 2015 is going to be similar with most Android vendors releasing new flagship devices and we may even get some Windows offerings too. Sony is one of the companies that will be launching a new smartphone flagship, the Xperia Z4.

Sony's Next SmartWatch Could be made From E-paper
By Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014

Sony was one of the first to jump on the wearable trend with its SmartWatch devices, paving the way for other companies. The Japanese brand is now marketing the SmartWatch 3, a wearable that stands alongside Android Wear products with much the same specs and features as each other. However, Sony is apparently ready to spread its wearable wings with another smartwatch, one with an e-paper screen.

Sony to Cut Smartphone Production and Increase Imaging Manufacturing
By Luke Jones on Tuesday November 25, 2014

Samsung has been discussing its smartphone business in recent weeks falling tumbling profits, but Sony got there first when it said that it would also lower its smartphone output in the future. The Japanese company has expanded on that decision to lower costs by only focusing on key areas of the market.

Sony Backup & Restore App Has Malicious Content
By Luke Jones on Tuesday November 25, 2014

Sony, like other Android OEM's puts its fair share of proprietary software although the Japanese company keeps its own goodies to a minimum compared to the likes of Samsung. That said, one of Sony's built in Xperia Z3 apps is causing some issues for the company and users of its latest smartphones. It seems that the Backup & Store Android app has been compromised.