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Apple to Launch New iPod Touch Tomorrow
By Luke Jones on Monday July 13, 2015

It's amazing how far personal technology has come in the last fifteen years. The iPod was so revolutionary when it arrived that it propelled Apple forward in leaps and bounds and set the ball in motion for the company to become the biggest tech brand ever. Now the iPod feels antiquated, which is astounding because it is one of the all-time classic products. The iPod Touch followed the now defunct Classic before it too was let go and discontinued. However, Apple could be about to bring back the iPod touch it seems.

HTC Share Price Hits 10 Year Low
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 09, 2015

HTC recorded a hefty loss through the last quarter, making a definite end to the company's mini turnaround. With sales of the One M9 struggling and most consumer passing over the flagship, these are dire times for the Taiwanese giant that once stood on the cusp of dominating the market. Just to show how bad things have got, HTC's share price tumbled to a 10 year low.

T-Mobile Adds More Than 1 Million Subscribers for 4th Consecutive Quarter
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 09, 2015

T-Mobile continued to impress financially by adding over 1 million new postpaid subscribers through the last three month period, marking the fourth consecutive quarter in which the company has done so. The additions meant the Magenta Network notched an 11% gain year-on-year compared to the same time in 2014, while the company added 2.1 million new customers net through the second quarter of this year.

Microsoft Explains New Strategy amid Job Cuts
By admin on Wednesday July 08, 2015

In the wake of Microsoft's announcement of over 7000 job cuts and a write off of $7.8 billion the company's CEO has sent an email to employees explaining Redmond's new strategy moving forward. Satya Nadella detailed how the company is deciding to move away from the idea of building a full smartphone company and instead focusing on key devices that best show the Windows platform.

Microsoft Writes Off Billions, Cut 7800 Jobs
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 08, 2015

We announced last month that Microsoft will have to write off most of the money it paid for Nokia's Lumia devices division, the third huge write off for the company in as many years. That finality has now been officially announced by the company with a $7.8 billion write off, but it actually gets a lot worse as Microsoft is also cutting 7800 workers.

HTC Records Terrible Second Quarter Loss
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 07, 2015

HTC announced its second quarter financials today and there was not much surprise to see the results were not good. After a number of quarters turning a profit, the company?s minor comeback came to a grinding halt as it dipped below the red line. The reason for that is the lukewarm reception the One M9 flagship received from critic and consumer alike.

Sony "Will never ever" Sell Smartphone Division
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 07, 2015

Sony has had a tough time overall in recent years and the situation has been exasperated by a declinig smartphone division. With handset sales declining many have mooted the idea that Sony would sell its Xperia decision, something the company has denied. With things not looking any better the rumor will not go away, but perhaps we have the definitive answer now.

Samsung Profits to Fall Again, Quarterly Numbers to Drop
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 07, 2015

Samsung announced estimates for its financial results for the last quarter and it really is a mixed bag for the Korean giant, with profits continuing to fall. The company has been through trying times over the last year and a half and indeed this was the seventh quarter in a row that the company's profits have fallen.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Benched Again
By admin on Thursday July 02, 2015

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 has been something of a failure. Sure, it had found its way into plenty of flagships and will likely land in a few more yet, but those devices have been plagued by overheating problems. While Qualcomm has denied a serious issue, there is evidence there (such as Samsung deciding not to use the 820) and we imagine the company cannot wait to move on from the Snapdragon 810.

Samsung Regains Number 1 Market Share in United States
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 02, 2015

Apple's reign at the top of the smartphone market in the United States was short lived as Samsung wrestled back the top spot through the last quarter. The South Korean giant has dominated the markets for a couple of years, but the record breaking launch of the iPhone 6 put Apple at the top, a stunning feat.