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Apple Tops Smartphone Market at Expense of Samsung
By Luke Jones on Thursday March 05, 2015

Another hint of Samsung's decline, further proof of the dominance of the iPhone 6, or just pure luck? It is probably a case of all three as Apple outsold Samsung around the world during the fourth quarter of 2014. It is the first time since 2011 that Cupertino has positioned itself as numero uno in the global smartphone market.

Apple Watch to Launch with 100,000 Apps
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 25, 2015

Apple's first wearable, the Apple Watch, was announced back in September, but the company left plenty disappointed by saying the actual launch of the product would not happen until 2015. The actual launch date is still not clear, but it is expected for April and there were some good reasons why Apple waited. Chief among those was to allow develop interest to grow, a plan that seems to have worked.

Apple Building Two Data Centers in Europe
By Luke Jones on Monday February 23, 2015

Apple is of course a US based band and the company ploughs a lot of investment into its home country, while the company's aspirations in Asia have also been well documented. However, Europe is a major smartphone market and it is one where the consumers have been good to Apple. Does that mean Cupertino does not show much love in Europe? Maybe, but that is changing.

Apple is Poaching Samsung Employees
By Luke Jones on Monday February 23, 2015

Is Apple falling behind its Android rivals in terms of innovation and pushing the smartphone further? It is certainly an interesting debate with some thinking yes, the iPhone has become stagnant and its best new features have been on Android devices for some time. The other side of the argument points to recent firsts, like a 64-bit processor, an intricate fingerprint sensor, and other recent developments as evidence that the company very much remains an innovator.

Motorola COO Attacks Apple's "Outrageous Prices"
By Luke Jones on Thursday February 19, 2015

There is a mini war of words going on between Apple and Motorola at the moment and the Moto company has dealt the latest salvo by criticizing Cupertino's prices.

Apple Expands App Size Limit to 4GB
By Luke Jones on Friday February 13, 2015

If you own a 16GB iOS device you should be prepared for many frustrating times ahead, times where you will be juggling apps to find space. That's because Apple has just increased the allotted size for developers to work with. Since the App Store made its debut in 2008, apps have been limited to 2GB in size, but Cupertino has now doubled that, giving developers 4GB to play with.

Apple Most Valuable Company Ever, Worth Over $700 Billion
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 11, 2015

Apple has been enjoying a stellar start to 2014 where the company has put to an end doubts about its dominance. The company sold as many smartphones as Samsung last quarter, recorded the most profitable three months in history, and saw just about everyone give it a good old pat on the back. The celebration is not over for Cupertino though as it became the most valuable company in history this week.

Apple Focusing on Stability and Performance with iOS 9
By admin on Tuesday February 10, 2015

iOS 8 may only be midway through its life cycle, but Apple is obviously already preparing its follow up, iOS 9. Codenamed Monarch, it has been popping up lately with several sources spilling the proverbial beans on the software. Likely to be announced early this summer and rolled out with new products in the fall, iOS 9 will reportedly be much more stable platform.

iOS 8 Adoptions Rates Above 70%
By admin on Wednesday February 04, 2015

Apple's iOS 8 has enjoyed solid adoption rates, much better than anything Android can dream of, but not as good as the uptake of iOS 8. The OS had found its way to 46% of all iOS devices within a few days of its release, but since then the growth has been slower. However, slow and steady has definitely been the iOS 8 way and Apple has announced that adoption levels are now at 72%.

Apple Outsells Android in United States
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 04, 2015

Things really are going brilliantly for Apple at the moment; so much so that the fact the iPad sales continue to decline has been completely forgotten. With record profits and record sales, Apple is on a high, but things are getting better according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. The market researcher says that for the first time since 2012 Apple sold more device in the US than all Android products combined.