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Windows Phone gets WatchESPN
By admin on Wednesday December 31, 2014

Windows Phone has oft been accused of lagging behind iOS and Android in terms of apps, games, and services. It is an accurate assessment, but at the same time Microsoft has being doing a good job of bringing its platform up to speed. Windows Phone users now have a new toy to play with after WatchESPN was launched on the platform.

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 735 Not Getting US Release
By admin on Tuesday December 30, 2014

The Microsoft Lumia 735 was announced back in September, and alongside the Lumia 830 and 730 it was the first smartphone that Microsoft had built with its new Nokia toy. Microsoft claimed that it would arrive in the United States at some point, with the company listing the handset as "coming soon" on its US website. Major carriers like Sprint and Verizon also listed the smartphone.

Microsoft to Kill Internet Explorer in Windows 10
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 30, 2014

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 earlier in the year, a platform that will unify the Windows name across all form factors, bringing the same experience whether you are on PC or smartphone. The software will arrive in 2015 (likely at the end of the year) and according to ZDNet, Windows 10 will ditch one of Windows' most famous companions.

Gestures Beta App: Take Calls without Touching the Screen
By Luke Jones on Monday December 15, 2014

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform may be losing the operating system war to iOS and Android (by a long way too), but that does not mean it is without interesting features. It is actually a very robust platform and yours truly would love to see it more prominent if Microsoft can solve a few nagging issues. A new piece of software called the Gestures Beta app is now adding even more functionality to the platform.

Microsoft Giving Away 100 Free Top Albums... US Only
By Luke Jones on Friday December 12, 2014

Microsoft has been treating us to some stellar deals during its 12 Days of Deals promotion, such as a $149 bundle for Office 365 Home, Skype Unlimited World + Wi-Fi, Xbox Music Pass, and Xbox Live Gold. Redmond is outdoing itself with the company?s latest offer though as Microsoft is making 100 albums completely free and available for download.

Why Windows Phone Struggles in the United States
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 11, 2014

Windows Phone is a hard platform to predict. The OS enjoyed growth worldwide through 2013 but has struggled in key markets this year while maintaining a solid base in emerging markets. The lack of interest in the US is of particular worry to Microsoft, with the WP market share falling consistently through 2014.

Microsoft Lumia 1030 Official Image Leak
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 11, 2014

Microsoft has a new high end camera specific smartphone on the way called the Nokia Lumia 1030, the follow up to the Nokia PureView packing Lumia 1020. The device has been known for some time now under the codename McLaren and it is expected to land soon, but the device has had a massive leak today that lays bare the handset for us all to see. There have been 50 images leaked of what seems to show a prototype of the Lumia 1030 McLaren next to Apple's iPhone 6.

Microsoft Clamps Down on Windows and Office Piracy
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 09, 2014

There are plenty of people out there using Microsoft's products (Office and Windows) illegally without paying for them. While some would argue that its fair game, Microsoft certainly begs to differ and is ready to go to war with those doing it. Torrent Freak says that the software giant is going to start taking people to court when it detects they are using pirated copies of products such as Office and Windows.

Microsoft Says Lumia Denim Update is Close
By Luke Jones on Monday November 24, 2014

Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8 may have been stealing the limelight recently, but there is another major platform update on the way. Microsoft has been preparing the latest update for its Lumia smartphones and revealed on Twitter today that, "roll out soon following testing and operator approvals."

Microsoft Review Roundup
By Luke Jones on Friday November 21, 2014

Microsoft's Band has been with us a couple of weeks now and it has managed to be a dividing device. Microsoft says it has sold well, while some reports say stock was very limited, while the general consensus seems to be that the wearable is very much a first device in an evolution. It feels like a prototype many reviews have said, but after spending some time with it I think it is more of a vehicle for Microsoft's Health suite.