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J.P. Morgan Ditching BlackBerry Handout Program for Employees
By Micah Bartos on Wednesday October 14, 2015

Rumors persistently abound that BlackBerry will stop making smartphones soon, but while that is unclear there are some people who will not be getting new handsets from the company. J.P. Morgan reports that its employees will no longer be handed free BlackBerry smartphone, starting in 2016 they will be forced to buy their own.

Meizu Smartwatch Launching Oct 21
By Pablo Jimenez on Tuesday October 13, 2015

Meizu has had its best year during 2015 and has released numerous new smartphones that have found a solid consumer base and delivered consistent quality. The Chinese company is now ready to branch out into the wearable market and here is an image of the first ever Meizu smartwatch, which is reported to be launched October 21st.

BlackBerry Priv could be Company?s last Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Thursday October 08, 2015

We are not exactly surprised by reports today suggesting if the BlackBerry Priv is a failure it will be the last smartphone the company ever makes. On one hand it makes sense as BlackBerry's hardware sales have declines to be almost meaningless in the market, but on the other hand we heard this exact same rumor before the launch of the company's last three smartphones.

BlackBerry Priv, First Official Image
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 29, 2015

A BlackBerry smartphone sporting the Android operating system is one of the worst kept secrets of this year, and the company confirmed that the device will be called the BlackBerry Priv. Now the company has revealed the first official image of the Priv, a handset that could well bring BlackBerry back to the big leagues in terms of sales.

OnePlus 2 Mini to be Mid-range
By admin on Monday September 28, 2015

A OnePlus executive has confirmed that the company's next smartphone will be a mid-range device, which had earlier been promised by co-founder Carl Pei. The new device could be the OnePlus 2 Mini or come with some other name, but it is known to be a design oriented smartphone with mid-range specs and an affordable price.

BlackBerry Confirms Priv name for Android Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Friday September 25, 2015

Yesterday the official name of the BlackBerry Venice, the company's first device to run the Android platform, leaks as the oddly title Priv. That led to predictions that BlackBerry would ditch its BB10 platform and go completely to Google's Android, something we disagree with. Today CEO John Chen revealed the Priv is indeed real and even hinted that the claims of no new BB10 devices could be true.

Analysts Says BlackBerry should Ditch BB 10, we Disagree
By Luke Jones on Thursday September 24, 2015

Analysts are sometimes right, sometimes state the bleeding obvious, and are sometimes plain wrong, and on this occasion we think Scotia Capital analyst Daniel Chan has got it wrong. He said that BlackBerry needs to ditch its BB operating system entirely and get on board with Google's Android on a full time capacity.

Meizu PRO 5, Premium and Spec'd Out
By Luke Jones on Wednesday September 23, 2015

Meizu has announced its new PRO 5 flagship smartphone that carries the company?s trend of offering premium handsets chocked with specs. That potent blend has been well received by consumers, who have bought the Meizu brand smartphones in millions, arguably 2015 has been the breakout year for the Chinese company.

OnePlus Mini will Boast Strong Specs
By admin on Wednesday September 23, 2015

All we know about the OnePlus Mini 2 is that it may not be called that and that it was confirmed earlier in the year by company co-founder Carl Pei as a design oriented smartphone. However, a new benchmark result shows that OnePlus has not eschewed quality specs as it seems the OnePlus 2 Mini is a potent performer.

Meitu V4 Coming with 21MP Front Camera
By admin on Tuesday September 22, 2015

You may not be familiar with Meitu, but the company is one of the Chinese manufacturers that decks out its smartphones with blazing specs. The new Meitu V4 is no different and is aiming itself as the go to device for those looking for the best camera specs, especially for the selfie crowd looking for the best front facing resolution.