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Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon gets Lumia Denim Update
By Luke Jones on Wednesday February 11, 2015

The Nokia Lumia Icon is a pretty standard mid-range device these days, but it is a good smartphone and is the closest you will get to a flagship (with the Lumia 1520) that Microsoft currently has on its portfolio. The Verizon version of the Icon is now coming up to date in terms of software with Microsoft and Big Red issuing the new Lumia Denim for Windows Phone 8.1 update.

Microsoft Testing Windows 10 for 512MB RAM Smartphones
By Luke Jones on Monday February 09, 2015

Microsoft is planning on making Windows 10 its uniform platform across all form factors and will be hoping to get the OS onto as many smartphones as possible. One question raised early was how would Windows 10 work on the company's large amount of entry level handsets, those packing 512MB of RAM?

Microsoft Outlook Debuts Strongly on iOS
By Luke Jones on Saturday January 31, 2015

Google's apps and services may dominate the mobile space, but the company's Gmail app has fallen behind Microsoft's Outlook email app on Apple's iOS platform. The service launched on the App Store yesterday and has quickly became a big success, overtaking Google's Gmail in store lists.

Microsoft Says Revenues Up, Profits Down
By Luke Jones on Tuesday January 27, 2015

Microsoft announced a mixed bag fourth quarter during its earnings call on Monday evening, with revenue up, but profits down. The company revealed that the Surface tablet range is growing, although despite that and improved revenue, the loss of income will be the talking point for the company.

Microsoft Surface Increases Sales, $1.1 Billion Generated in One Quarter
By Luke Jones on Tuesday January 27, 2015

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 has had some ups and downs, but it seems as though the tablet is enjoying a bit of a surge right now. Microsoft has reported that it shifted a sizeable amount of Surface Pro during its fiscal Q2 2015 (Q4 2014 calendar).

Microsoft Prepping Smartphone-Laptop Hybrid
By admin on Wednesday January 21, 2015

With Windows 10 due to launch today, it seems Microsoft may have a few surprises up its sleeve, including a rumored smartphone that will also have laptop capabilities. A "phone-laptop" hybrid, but that of course does not mean that the company will launch a laptop sized smartphone, quite the opposite in fact.

Lumia Denim Coming to More Smartphones Says Microsoft
By Luke Jones on Friday January 16, 2015

Microsoft's new Lumia Denim update has already rolled out to a few of the company's smartphones, with a small group boasting the software. Redmond has now said the update that combines Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 with some Lumia exclusive goodies will be heading to even more devices in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Shows Off Lumia 532
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 14, 2015

Microsoft launched two devices today, the Lumia 435 and this, the Lumia 532, a handset that has shown up numerous times in leaks. The smartphone has been given an official release by Redmond and it is yet another budget attack, leaving us wondering just how many budget devices Microsoft now has... a flagship would be nice guys.

Microsoft Launches Lumia 435
By Luke Jones on Wednesday January 14, 2015

Microsoft has had its own smartphone division for half a year now after buying Nokia's devices business. However, while big markets await that killer flagship, Redmond is continuing to dabble in the entry level, a price bracket that has admittedly served Windows Phone better than others. The latest handset is the Microsoft Lumia 435, and in the world of Lumia the lower the number the lower the specs, so this 435 is a budget device.

Lumia 1335 Passes FCC with LTE-A and Single SIM
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 01, 2015

The Microsoft/Nokia Lumia 1330 looks like it is going to get a single SIM version soon after a device with the model number RM-1062 has been passed through the FCC. This is the Lumia 1335, and as is normally the case the plus 5 numbering usually means something with SIM card of LTE variations.