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Xiaomi to Make its Own Processors
By admin on Thursday August 27, 2015

Xiaomi is following in the footsteps of Huawei, LG, and of course Samsung by producing its own processors, the Chinese company announcing the new division today. However, while Samsung provides silicon for third parties, Xiaomi will follow Huawei's footsteps and will be building processors solely for its own products.

Gartner Says Android Still Dominates, although iOS Grows
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 20, 2015

Gartner has released its latest market figures that reveal which operating systems are in front in terms of coverage, and the results are hardly surprising. Indeed, the state of the smartphone market remained the same as it has for the last few years, with Android in front, Apple just behind, and Windows Phone way back in third... the rest barely registering.

Verizon will not Support Samsung Pay
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 19, 2015

Samsung's newly launched Samsung Pay has suffered an early blow in one of the biggest economic markets as Verizon has revealed it will not offer support for the mobile payment system. Samsung Pay is coming to the United States on September 28th and out of the four major carriers in the country T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T will be offering the service.

ASUS Schedules IFA Event for September 2nd
By admin on Wednesday August 19, 2015

Asus is usually a presence at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, and this year will be no different with the Taiwanese company confirming a press event for September 2nd. Of course, that?s a pre-IFA event as normal, and the company is expected to launch a new smartphone and a new smartwatch.

LG's Second NUCLUN Chips Bests Samsung's Exynos 7420
By Luke Jones on Monday August 17, 2015

LG and Samsung share plenty of similarities, and beyond their smartphone businesses too. Following in Samsung's footsteps last year, LG decided to create its own processor division, debuting its own NUCLUN chipset. That processor only made in LG's own South Korea, but the next NUCLUN silicon is likely to have wider appeal as it will be a full flagship processor.

Apple Dominates US Smartphone Sales over Samsung
By admin on Friday August 14, 2015

Samsung said it would not launch the Galaxy Note 5 in the UK for market reasons, the United Kingdom is Apple dominated with 34% of smartphone sales going to the iPhone. But what about the United States? We smell a whiff of hypocrisy in the air as this is also an Apple dominated market but yet the Galaxy Note 5 will land stateside... those poor Brits!

HTC?s Value Tanks, Company Now Worthless
By Luke Jones on Monday August 10, 2015

Thing are not going well for HTC as sales have tanked in 2015 due to the poorly received One M9 flagship, resulting in huge losses and tumbling share prices. Those shares have hit a ten year low in fact, not great for a company that has only been operating since 1997. Things have gone from bad to worse as it has now emerged that HTC currently has no brand value.

Android Fingerprint Scanners Open to Mobile Payment Hacks
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 06, 2015

Google, Android, and all manufacturers could do without more stories about what hackers are able to do on the platform, but yet they keep coming. The Stagefright vulnerability recently put Android in the spotlight as it was found users could control a device by sending a simple corrupted MMS. It has now been found that Android fingerprint scanners allow hackers to take a user?s print, while Apple's TouchID does not.

There are 24,093 Separate Android Products in Use
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 06, 2015

Android is the mobile platform that leads the way in global markets, Google's OS is well ahead of Apple's OS in most areas with all other rivals insignificant enough to not be worth mentioning. Why is that, what has made Android the runaway leader? Well, the sheer availability of the platform across so many devices certainly helps, and market researcher Open Signal says there are now 24,093 different Android products in use.

Google Commits to Monthly Android Security Patches
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 06, 2015

It seems as though Google and Samsung have been in talks over the recent vulnerabilities in the Android platform. Google's OS was found to have what?s been dubbed the Stagefright vulnerability where hackers can use a MMS to secure control of an Android handset. Samsung revealed that it would now start sending monthly security patches to its devices and Google has now followed suit by saying it will do the same.