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Apple Tops Tech Google Searches with iPhone 6
By Luke Jones on Wednesday December 17, 2014

The look back at the year in search by Google has previously been pretentiously called Google Zeitgeist, but now it has a simpler name of "Year in Search". It is essentially just a look back at the most popular search terms of the year, in this case 2014, and it looks at a variety of subjects such as world events, current affairs, videos, and (obviously otherwise we wouldn't be writing about it) consumer tech.

Google Ends Production of Nexus 5
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 11, 2014

I would have loved it to stick around (I will explain shortly) but Google has slammed the final nail into the coffin of the Nexus 5. A spokesperson for the company told TechRadar that last year's flagship smartphone is no longer in production and inventory is being cleared. The company is now saying:

Windows Style Start Menus on Android... Here's how
By Luke Jones on Wednesday December 10, 2014

Market share data tells us that there are not too many Android users glancing enviously over at Windows Phone. Microsoft's WP software has come on steadily over the last few years, but it still lags behind other platforms in terms of overall quality, although I imagine the Windows fans will argue that point.

Game of Thrones Games Lands on Android
By Luke Jones on Wednesday December 10, 2014

When the Game of Thrones game from Telltale landed on iOS last week it reminded us that Apple's platform still gets some big titles before Android. Luckily, we have not had to wait too long as those using Google's operating system will be able to clash swords on Game of Thrones soon as the app is now available for your downloading pleasure on Google Play.

Beginners Guide: How to Delete Apps in Android and iOS
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 09, 2014

Dedicated app memory is not the problem it once was with most modern smartphones, but those rocking budget or older handsets will know all too well about running out of space for apps while still having gigs of storage available. Most of us clog our devices with apps we never use (that's a statistical fact by the way) and worse than that, manufacturers litter their smartphones with apps we never look at but take up space.

How to Set Restricted Profile in Android 5.0 Lollipop: Tutorial
By Luke Jones on Monday December 08, 2014

Child oriented smartphones are almost non-existent, quite different from the tablet market were slates geared towards kids are common. However, more and more children have mobile phones, and the risks of exposure to content not for them is as real as it is on a PC. The same goes for teenagers, and there is also the added worry of an unwitting kid piling up a huge bill on your credit card through in app purchases.

French Carrier SFR Leaks Android 5.0 Lollipop for Samsung and LG Flagships
By Luke Jones on Monday December 08, 2014

Plenty of smartphone owners are starting to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop, but many more are left still waiting on the latest and greatest version of Google's mobile platform. For example, those running complex UI skins over Android need to wait longer, such as Sony, LG, HTC, and especially Samsung. However, a French mobile carrier has now given us an idea of when certain flagships will get the bump.

European Parliament Votes to Break Up Google
By Luke Jones on Friday November 28, 2014

The European Commission really does not like Google. The EU has been at loggerheads with the search giant for several years and continues to go after the company. It seems the European Parliament thinks that most things Google stands for are very bad and they are doing their best to end what they think are monopolizing practices according to Reuters.

Tutorial: Google Play Store and All Apps on Your Windows PC
By admin on Friday November 28, 2014

Some recent all-in-one PCs (we're thinking the HP Slate 21) came with Android instead of Windows and the truth is Android is not robust enough as a full machine OS. Of course, some laptops come with both Windows and Android, but these hybrids have failed on other levels. If you have ever just wanted to have Android on your current machine, complete with the Google Play Store then you can.

Android One Smartphone Lands in UK at Double the Price
By Luke Jones on Thursday November 27, 2014

Google's Android One project has yielded just three devices so far, and all have been exclusive to India. They have not been selling well with Indians reluctant to purchase the handsets online and major retailers unwilling to sell them. Despite these issues Android One remains a decent enough concept and now it has spread its wings with the first device to show up outside of India landing in the UK.