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Samsung Flagships Getting Android 5.0 Lollipop in January
By Luke Jones on Friday December 05, 2014

Plenty of people are now rocking Android 5.0 Lollipop, as devices from Motorola, LG, Google (Nexus), and Google Play Editions are all boasting the latest and greatest build of the platform. However, Samsung, the biggest Android vendor of them all as yet to make the jump to Lollipop and the company has not even offered specific dates for the roll out.

Motorola to Launch New Moto E Very Soon
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 04, 2014

Motorola already had the budget king in the Moto G, but the company decided to have a crack at the entry level too with the fantastic Moto E. The device landed back in May and at just $129 off contract it is a bona fide bargain smartphone that will probably even be rocking Android 5.0 Lollipop in due course.

OnePlus Two Spec Rumors
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 04, 2014

You may (or may not) be getting your OnePlus One now, but the device is actually aging in terms of flagship longevity. The affordable high spec'd flagship botherer is slowly slipping behind in terms of specs, even if it is an amazing bargain today as it was when it was announced a year ago. It is not widely available and that is slowly changing, but there is no doubt that the Chinese company is already working on its successor.

Details on Samsung Galaxy S6 Overhaul
By Luke Jones on Monday December 01, 2014

Samsung has had plenty of problems this year, one of them being the underperformance of the Galaxy S5 flagship handset. As a result the company has lost profit at an alarming rate and the S5 has disappointed so much that the Korean giant is scrapping the whole ethos built around the device. The company will make the Galaxy S6 from scratch it has been reported, but today we have some fresh details about Samsung's actual plans.

HTC One M9 Spec Report
By Luke Jones on Monday December 01, 2014

HTC is of course preparing to update its current One M8 smartphone flagship with the M9, a device that will land during the early months of 2015. The handset is already deep into development and that means one thing this early in the game... leaks. There are now reports coming from China and other Asian regions about the specs for the One M9.

Oppo Has a New Smartphone and a Black Friday Sale
By admin on Friday November 28, 2014

Oppo has recently showed off its new smartphones, one of which is the thinnest mobile phone in the world, so far at least. The Chinese company is now back with another new device, the Oppo R8207, a handset that is currently passing through TENAA. There are now swivelling camera theatrics here though as this seems to be a more straightforward mid-range addition to the company?s portfolio.

HTC Readying Desire 620 64-bit Device
By Luke Jones on Thursday November 27, 2014

HTC apparently has another new smartphone in the works, a new Desire 820 that will fill the space between budget and mid-range for the company. According to Bulgarian website Nixanbal.com, the device is coming soon and they even managed to get their hands on one, revealing it to be typical HTC fare.

LG Working on Productivity Tablet with Keyboard
By Luke Jones on Thursday November 27, 2014

LG has become a mobile powerhouse this year and the company is spreading its wings with confidence, filling niches with numerous products. The brand already has a solid tablet range thanks to the G Pad, but it seems LG will add a new slate of a different kind. Reports today suggest the company is working on a new tablet that will be productivity focused and will arrive with a detachable keyboard.

Sony Xperia Z4 to Land at CES in January
By admin on Monday November 24, 2014

Considering Sony releases a new flagship every six months we are never too far away from a rumor concerning the company's upcoming high end releases. The Japanese giant may still be giving its all to the September launched Xperia Z3, but behind the scenes they are in the final development of the next flagship handset, the Xperia Z4. Sony normally rolls out its new smartphone in February, so we are only around two months away from seeing the new device.

Here are some iPhone 7 rumours (Yes, we know)
By Luke Jones on Monday November 17, 2014

If we turn red with embarrassment then that's because we know how absurd this is, but it's mobile news and that's what we do. So, the iPhone 6 has just but been released, which in the world of Apple means that there is no bedding down period as we are already looking forward to the next model, the iPhone 7.