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LG Announces Modest Bell II
By Luke Jones on Monday July 20, 2015

LG has announced a new smartphone, a low end device that will aid the company's expansion in emerging markets. The L Bello II does bring with it some of the company's higher end software tricks, but lacks the spec punch of flagship handsets like the G4.

Oppomart Lists OnePlus 2 with Specs
By Luke Jones on Friday July 17, 2015

OnePlus relies on word of mouth to get its products in the spotlights, so the company has been forthcoming about the fact it will launch its new OnePlus 2 smartphone July 27th. There has been no secrecy on that front, but the Chinese startup has been keeping quiet regarding the exact details of the new "Flagship Killer". However, a retail company in China may have spilled the spec information with a new listing for the OnePlus 2.

Leaked Photo Shows off Galaxy Note 5
By Luke Jones on Friday July 17, 2015

A new leaked image has landed online that reportedly shows Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 5, the company's latest flagship phablet. The photo follows weeks of leaks, rumor, and speculation around the handset where we have seen design renders, CAD designs, spec leaks, benchmarks, and release date information.

Microsoft Working on $80 Windows 10 Mobile Smartphones
By Luke Jones on Friday July 17, 2015

Microsoft is going to launch its first Lumia flagship smartphone later this year alongside Windows 10 Mobile, the Lumia 940 (possibly 950). However, the company is not abandoning its budget aspirations, after-all humble handsets are the most successful on the Windows platform. As well as the blockbuster Lumia 940, Microsoft will also roll out a very basic smartphone that will cost $80 or less.

HTC One M9+ Officially Unveiled for Europe
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 16, 2015

We wondered how long this would take. HTC has launched its One M9+ in Europe, the device is a super version of the regular One M9 flagship and the company said when it launched that the Plus would not arrive in Europe or indeed the USA. However, disastrous sales of the One M9 proper have meant the company needs to do something to rejuvenate interest in its flagship line, and as such we would not be surprised to see the One M9+ come to the United States in due course as well.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Coming in October
By admin on Thursday July 16, 2015

It is hard to class Microsoft's Surface Pro line as true tablet products because they are essentially PC's instead, but either way they are fantastic. The trouble is Microsoft cannot sell many of them, which is a shock considering how good the Pro is; it seems the price tag is just a touch inhibiting for the casual consumer. That said, Redmond is committed to the series and will prove it again when it launches the Surface Pro 4 in October.

Samsung Spreading Tizen, Bringing Z3 to Europe
By admin on Thursday July 16, 2015

Samsung has not been too ambitious with its Tizen based smartphone so far, but the company certainly has huge plans for its own platform in the long term. The Z1 launched in India and so far is Samsung's only Tizen smartphone (the company's wearables also run the OS), but the Korean giant is going to spread Tizen's wings and may even launch a new smartphone in the process.

Marshall Announces London, its First Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Thursday July 16, 2015

Marshall is hardly a name we associate with smartphones, but if we want to shred out a guitar solo the company does provide some of the best amps out there. So, can a legendary music brand make its way in the handset game? Marshall thinks so with London, the company?s first smartphone. As you can probably imagine, the famed brand focused on music technology to differentiate London, relegating the rest of the specs to secondary.

Did the LG Nexus 2015 Pass Geekbench?
By admin on Thursday July 16, 2015

Huawei may be making the brand new Nexus flagship that will launch later in the year, but old Nexus manufacturer LG will also be returning to Google's brand. However, while Huawei will be making a true successor to the Nexus 6 by Motorola, LG will be making a successor to its own Nexus 5, the last handset the company partnered with Google on.

HTC Announces New Desire 626, 526, and 520
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 15, 2015

HTC is in trouble, the company is losing money and it is evident that the One M9 flagship is not the answer to solving those woes. The Taiwanese giant will instead have to turn to lower end smartphones in its portfolio, such as a bunch of new Desire handsets launched today. HTC has revamped its affordable range and will be hoping to tap into a growing market for budget and mid-range smartphones.