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Moto G 2015, is it still the budget king?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 29, 2015

Motorola launched three new smartphones yesterday, the amazing Moto X Style and Moto X Play and the third generation Moto G. We were fully expecting to be calling the 2015 Moto G amazing too, but we simply cannot as it is a mere incremental update over the previous models. That led to a debate in the office, has Motorola done enough with the new Moto G to ensure it remains one of the best budget devices on the market?

Motorola Moto X Play Delivers Plenty for Under $300
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 28, 2015

Motorola today announced the Moto X Style, a stunning flagship with a price of just $400. The company did not finish there with the surprises though and also launched the Moto X Play, a midrange device that also displays the Moto X name. The company is on a roll because the Play is a very well spec'd device that also packs a very enticing price tag, and in fact real compromises seem to be short.

Motorola Wows with Budget Friendly Moto X Style Flagship
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 28, 2015

A day after OnePlus launched its Flagship Killer, the OnePlus 2, the company suddenly has stern competition from Motorola after the US brand responded with the Moto X Style. This is the company's brand new flagship, but unlike previous entries in the Moto X series, this handset comes at an extremely affordable price and has specs to worry any other high end device, including the OnePlus 2.

AT&T Suspends Moto X Android Lollipop Update
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 21, 2015

Motorola's original Moto X flagship caused the company plenty of problems in the update process to Android Lollipop, making it among the last major Moto handsets to get the upgrade. Now the Android 5.1 software has been released it seems the Moto X is not being any less problematic as AT&T has been forced to suspend its scheduled update.

Motorola Bringing Moto Maker to 2015 Moto G?
By Luke Jones on Tuesday July 14, 2015

Motorola's original Moto G was such a triumphant blend of affordability and specs when it came to the company making a sequel (the 2014 Moto G) there was no need to change much. In fact, aside from a slightly slicker design and some minor spec changes, there is little to separate the first and second generation Moto G's. For the third edition (2015) Motorola may have to do a little more as there are now plenty of budget rivals out there.

Original Moto X Getting Android 5.1 in 14 More Nations
By Luke Jones on Wednesday July 01, 2015

Android Lollipop is finally rolling out for the original Motorola Moto X (2013 Edition), arriving in an additional 14 countries today. As we have written before, the Lollipop platform is so late coming to the original X that Motorola has skipped directly past build 5.0 to Android 5.1.

Motorola Kinzie is the Next DROID Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Monday June 29, 2015

We are huge fans of the Motorola DROID Turbo here at MobileBurn, despite its flaws (ugly, Verizon exclusivity, and unnecessary battery issues) and we are excited to see what Motorola cooks up for Big Red next. That upcoming device is codenamed the "Kinzie" (15XT85) and is reported to be coming with plenty of interesting (read high end) specs.

Motorola Starts Updating 2013 Moto X to Android 5.1.1
By admin on Saturday June 20, 2015

We broke the news earlier this month that Motorola will be bringing Android 5.1.1 Lollipop to its original Moto X some time during June. Fast forward two weeks and the company is delivering on its promise and is now updating its 2013 flagship in three countries, with more sure to follow.

Motorola Moto X (2013) Finally Getting Android Lollipop during June
By Luke Jones on Wednesday June 10, 2015

Motorola's original Moto X (launched back in 2013) has still not received an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, a fact that goes against the company?s reputation for being the quickest OEM to upgrade to new software versions. Given Motorola's near stock experience, the lack of update for the Moto X is a surprise, but it does seem as though the wait is finally over as Android 5.1 Lollipop is expected to land on the old flagship during this month.

Is This the 2015 Moto X?
By Luke Jones on Wednesday June 10, 2015

Motorola is currently working on a 2015 version of its Moto X flagship, and we have already seen leaked images of the handset. A week after those original photos arrived we are being treated to some more, with the new images seemingly revealing that the handset will not have a fingerprint scanner as the previous leak suggested.