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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, Up Close
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 06, 2015

Microsoft's Windows platform has failed to make an impact on the market duopoly enjoyed by Apple's iOS and of course Google's all-conquering Android. There has been respectable growth for Windows in lower prices ranges for emerging markets, but the lack of flagship hardware has held Microsoft back for some time. That could change with the introduction of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, both smartphones that were launched today.

Microsoft Lumia 950: Up Close
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 06, 2015

Microsoft launched two devices running its Windows 10 Mobile platform today, the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL. While the 950 XL is the more spec?d out of the two, it is the Lumia 950 that is Microsoft's flagship, simply because its smaller size will appeal to more people. Despite not being quite as decked out as its larger sibling, the 950 is a potent package and a welcome addition to the Windows platform, which has been bereft of high end quality for too long.

Microsoft Band 2: Up Close
By Luke Jones on Tuesday October 06, 2015

Microsoft had a mega event today where the company discussed numerous new products and some that are reserved for the future. One of the new devices was a sequel to the company's first wearable, the Microsoft Band, but does the follow up bring enough new goodies to the party.

Surface Pro 4 to Ditch Bezels
By admin on Friday October 02, 2015

We are expecting Microsoft to launch the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones alongside Windows 10 Mobile next week. However, the company will also be launching a new Surface Pro, the fourth edition of the tablet come full on laptop PC. The latest information suggests that the Surface Pro 4 will come with a razor thin bezel that will make it look like an all-screen device.

Windows Now has 669,000 Apps
By admin on Monday September 28, 2015

One of the major criticisms of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform was that it simply lacked the apps that are available on Apple's iOS and Google's Android. However, that is becoming less of a problem as there are now 669,000 apps available on the Windows Store.

Microsoft CAD Render of Lumia 950 Leaks
By Luke Jones on Monday September 28, 2015

Microsoft is holding a media event in New York City on October 4th and the company will likely launch Windows 10 Mobile and the Lumia 950/Lumia 950 XL smartphone flagships. We have been hearing a lot about the 950 devices, including their high end specs and core features, while now we can see what the Lumia 950 will look like.

Microsoft to Bundles Lumia 950 XL with 200 Euros Worth of Accessories
By Luke Jones on Monday September 21, 2015

We are pretty excited about the Lumia 950/950 XL. This handset will be the first flagship Microsoft has made, the first flagship for the Windows Platform in a long time, and the device that is going to show off what Windows 10 Mobile can do... and we hope that is a lot. This is the time for Microsoft to get serious with software and hardware, and the Lumia 950 XL and Windows 10 Mobile could be the perfect one-two punch.

Windows Phone Topples Apple and iOS in Brazil
By admin on Thursday September 10, 2015

Microsoft does not have a whole lot of wins with Windows Phone 8. The platform sits a distant third in the market and sales are hardly anything to get excited about and in many cases have stalled. However, if you look into emerging markets Windows Phone is and always has done quite well, ever since Nokia's affordable Lumia's paved a way for the platform in fact.

Microsoft Launches Full Beta of Cortana on Google Play
By Luke Jones on Monday August 24, 2015

Microsoft today launched a public beta of Cortana on Google Play, bringing its virtual assistant to the Android mobile platform. However, if you are outside the United States you will not be able to see Cortana as Microsoft is only launching the app in its home nation for the time being. We are sure that the virtual assistant will move to other markets in due course.

Microsoft's New Smartphones Landing in October
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 20, 2015

September and IFA comes around too soon for Microsoft and its upcoming Windows 10 Mobile platform. The company may still have a presence at the event, but do not expect any major announcements on its software or any upcoming smartphones. However, October is much more likely and reports today suggest that Microsoft will hold an event in October to detail Windows 10 Mobile and to showcase some new Lumia smartphones.