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Google Says Nexus Orders on First Come First Served Basis, it?s not Ture
By Josh Dasey on Friday November 06, 2015

Google has got into a tangle with some of its Nexus customer thanks to a tweet the company sent out last night. The social media excerpt in question saw the company say that Nexus orders are being fulfilled in the order in which they were received. Nothing wrong with that you may think, but many customers took to twitter to say that the statement was simply untrue.

Facebook Mobile Advertising Revenue Grows
By Ang Torres on Thursday November 05, 2015

Facebook made the decision to transition to a mobile focused company and since then has continued to grow that side of the business. Through the third quarter of 2015 Facebook's mobile ambitions continued to bear fruit as the company revealed 78% of its revenue through advertising came from mobile.

Samsung Still Restructuring Smartphone Business
By Josh Dasey on Thursday November 05, 2015

There has been plenty of analysis about Samsung current market position, with the company still out in front but sales generally declining. The Korean giant is still thriving, but there are some who even suggest that the company may leave the smartphone business entirely. The CEO of Samsung Electronics Kwon Oh-hyun has now said that the company is still in the process of restructuring in the wake of a tough 2014.

Samsung Sales Decline in India
By Josh Dasey on Wednesday November 04, 2015

India may just appear like just another market that Samsung dominates, but it is much more than that; it is arguably the most important smartphone market right now. It will probably worry Samsung that its place at the top of the Indian pile is being disintegrated, something the company has had to contend with in other markets.

Samsung to Leave Smartphone Industry in Five Years
By Josh Dasey on Tuesday November 03, 2015

Sometimes analysts get things right, other times they get them wrong. It is the nature of the beast, but sometimes analysts go completely crazy and offer us some market information that seems entirely invented. We will let you decide which category the following tidbit regarding Samsung falls into.

Sony's Smartphone Deal for James Bond did not Appeal to Star and Director, who wanted "the best"
By Josh Dasey on Monday November 02, 2015

The latest James Bond movie Spectre is currently tearing up the box office at multiplexes around the world, and during the movie many people will see 007 rocking a Sony Xperia Z4 smartphones. Samsung's products are also on board, both companies paying a lot of money to be branded in the movie. However, it seems as though the star and director of the movie had reservations about using Sony smartphones.

Sony Image Sensor Likely to be Included in the Galaxy S7
By Ang Torres on Monday November 02, 2015

Sony's mobile image sensor division is making the difference for the company at the moment, driving profits while the Xperia smartphone company struggles to tread water. The Japanese giant has seen its sensors sweep the smartphone market, becoming the lens of choice for many of the company's rivals. Samsung, however typically uses its own sensors, but that will be about to change with the Galaxy S7.

HTC Posts Dire Q3 Financials, No Light at the End of the Tunnel
By Pablo Jimenez on Friday October 30, 2015

HTC has announced its third quarter financial report, and as you can probably guess, it is not good news for the struggling Taiwanese brand. Things have been getting progressively worse for HTC through the course of this year, even so bad as for the company's stock to crumble and it to lose virtually all of its brand value.

LG Turns Profit in Q3 Amid Downturn
By Ang Torres on Thursday October 29, 2015

LG is proving that you simply cannot stand still in the smartphone market as the company's third quarter financials reveal worrying signs for the future. LG propelled itself into the big leagues with the fantastic G3 flagship, and the company looked on the cusp of something massive. However, the G4 was too incremental, safe where the G3 was bold, and the result has been stuttering financials.

Samsung Tops Smartphone Market in Q3
By Ang Torres on Thursday October 29, 2015

Strategy Analysts has released data that shows Samsung outsold rival Apple almost 2 to 1 in the third quarter to re-confirm its position as the number one smartphone manufacturer on the market. Well most outlets will peg this as an interesting Samsung vs. Apple debate, it really isn't, for several reasons. However, it does say a lot about Samsung's market position in the long term and how the company is dealing with a poor 2014.