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LG G4 Pro to Boast Dual Rear Cameras
By Luke Jones on Friday August 28, 2015

LG announced at an earnings call early this year that it would be debuting another flagship smartphone in 2015, a phablet heavyweight to go alongside the current G4. The company went as far as calling the device super-premium, so since then we have been expecting a lot from the so-called LG G4 Pro. Today we have another round of specs to sink our teeth into and they prove that the device certainly will be a beast.

2015 LG Nexus 5 Leaked with Fingerprint Scanner
By Luke Jones on Friday August 28, 2015

The secret is out there by now, LG will be making a new Nexus devices for Google in the shape of a revamped version of its Nexus 5 smartphone from 2013. The image you see above is reported to be that new device, and as you can see one of the differences is the inclusion of a circular fingerprint sensor on the rear of the handset.

OnePlus 2 Arriving Next Weekend in "Aggressive Invite Rollout"
By Luke Jones on Friday August 28, 2015

OnePlus makes fantastic smartphones, but the company's invite system to purchase one is frustrating. It is a model that has sort of worked (the OnePlus One was a sales success), but we can't help but think the company would sell a lot more if it opened up sales. Cost cutting is the reason for the invite system, but OnePlus says it has finally cracked how to get this sales model right and soon and "aggressive invite rollout" will happen.

Obi Worldphone Makes Debut with SF1 and SJ1.5 Smartphones
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 27, 2015

Obi Worldphone is a new company based in Silicon Valley and co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley. Today the new brand announced its first two smartphones, a couple of affordable handsets based on Google's Android Lollipop platform.

Meizu MX5 Coming to India this Month
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 26, 2015

Meizu's MX5 flagship was announced earlier in the month by the Chinese company and is a very good high end smartphone that delivers on the company?s early promise. Meizu is making plenty of progress in the smartphone world and has been more open to launching its devices worldwide, unlike rival Xiaomi. Today Meizu announced that the MX5 will be making its debut in India, one of the most important emerging markets.

Amazon Fire Phone now just $130 with Free Prime Subscription
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 26, 2015

Some Wednesday afternoon advice... you should consider buying an Amazon Fire Phone. Ok, before you laugh we want to say we mean it, you should get this handset, which admittedly was one of the greatest tech flops in history. A disaster of epic proportions, Amazon's first smartphone was not a failure because it sucked, so as it is now only $130 (with some incentives too) we just think it is worth a look a year on from its release.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Poses in Image
By Luke Jones on Friday August 21, 2015

Sony is expected to announce its new flagship line up during the IFA event Berlin during the first week of September, with the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact the handsets in question. Not much is known about those devices other than they will be Sony's new high end smartphones and will bring market leading specs to the flagship series.

OnePlus 2 Recieves OxygenOS 2.0.1
By Luke Jones on Friday August 21, 2015

The OnePlus 2 has been with us nearly a month and has won plenty of praise since launch, the Flagship Killer's high end specs and low price appealing to well over one million interested consumers. The Chinese company has now released an updated version of its own software for the OnePlus 2, with OxygenOS 2.0.1 arriving on the handset over the air right now.

Huawei Honor 7i Official with Flipping Single Camera
By Luke Jones on Thursday August 20, 2015

Huawei has raised the curtain on its newest smartphone, the Honor 7i, a mid-range smartphone that has been leaked plenty of times in recent weeks. You may remember that this is the quirky device with the sliding front facing camera, and those rumors were indeed true. However, while it was predicted to be a sliding camera, it is actually a flipping system that delivers the weirdest camera idea since Oppo's N3.

HTC O2 Has Massive Specs
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 19, 2015

HTC's next smartphone flagship is starting to show up all the time in leaks and reports, and the latest details the monster specs of the device. Interestingly this will be a standalone high end smartphone and not a part of the Taiwanese company's M flagship brand. That means this new handset will not be called the One M10 but will instead be known as the HTC O2.