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Samsung "Email" Claims Android 5.0 Lollipop for January
By admin on Thursday January 01, 2015

We'll chalk this one off as dubious from the start. An apparent Samsung rep using Reddit leaked an email that confirms that early 2015 will be when Samsung pushes out Android 5.0 Lollipop to its core smartphones. The users who posted the email is apparently a Samsung rep and is verified by moderators on Reddit, neither of which actually mean a lot.

Huawei Sold 75 Million Smartphones in 2014
By admin on Wednesday December 31, 2014

We have heard plenty about Xiaomi's success in 2014, while other Chinese companies like Oppo and Meizu have also made their presence felt. Has that been to the detriment of traditional Chinese powerhouses such as ZTE and Huawei? According to the latter's financials the answer is no as once again it becomes apparent that in the huge Chinese market there could be room for everyone.

TSMC to Make Bulk of Apple's A9 Chips, not Samsung
By admin on Wednesday December 31, 2014

It seemed as though Samsung would be returning to being Apple's biggest chip supplier in 2015 with the company hinting that it would take the bulk of orders for the A9 chip. However, despite talk that Samsung had already started production, a report in Taiwan is suggesting from suppliers that TSMC is actually going to have the bulk of manufacturing duties.

Windows Phone gets WatchESPN
By admin on Wednesday December 31, 2014

Windows Phone has oft been accused of lagging behind iOS and Android in terms of apps, games, and services. It is an accurate assessment, but at the same time Microsoft has being doing a good job of bringing its platform up to speed. Windows Phone users now have a new toy to play with after WatchESPN was launched on the platform.

New Oppo Smartphone shows up in Asia
By admin on Wednesday December 31, 2014

A new Oppo device has apparently passed certification in Malaysia, with the country's SIRIM regulation body giving the green light to the Oppo 3006. The government body works like the FCC in the United States and checks products for quality standards. As for the smartphone, it is probably a variant of the Oppo 3005 and 3007, two handsets that recently passed certification through China?s TENAA.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Fully Assembled? Not Quite
By admin on Tuesday December 30, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting ever nearer to launch with a March unveiling widely predicted. It is probably the most intriguing smartphone that will be rolled out during the first half of 2015, because a lot rides on its success or failure and no-one really knows what to expect. There is an image being passed around today that reportedly shows a fully assembled Galaxy S6 running.

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 735 Not Getting US Release
By admin on Tuesday December 30, 2014

The Microsoft Lumia 735 was announced back in September, and alongside the Lumia 830 and 730 it was the first smartphone that Microsoft had built with its new Nokia toy. Microsoft claimed that it would arrive in the United States at some point, with the company listing the handset as "coming soon" on its US website. Major carriers like Sprint and Verizon also listed the smartphone.

UPDATE: Galaxy A7 Due January 14th
By admin on Tuesday December 30, 2014

UPDATE: We told you yesterday about the Galaxy A7, Samsung's latest mid-range device that will be the flagship of the new launched A series of smartphones. Its specs were revealed in a leaked leaflet and a general January launch date mooted. Now it seems there is confirmation on the specific launch, with sources in Korea saying it will be launched January 14, the same date as the already unveiled Galaxy A5.

Qualcomm Teases Snapdragon 800 Powered LG G Flex 2
By admin on Tuesday December 30, 2014

Qualcomm does not just build processors for heavyweight smartphone vendors, the company also dabbles in hardware too. This typically means blockbuster reference devices to show what its latest chipsets can do, but the company also likes to tease devices from some of its partners. The chip maker teased a new smartphone that will be launching at the CES trade show in Las Vegas next week.

Google Play 127 Must Have Apps for Android
By admin on Monday December 29, 2014

With Android the dominant force in the mobile world, it is easy to forget that there are still billions of people without the platform, and this Christmas many people would be getting their first Android product.