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Blackberry's John Chen Named Second Best CEO by CNN, Here's Why
By Luke Jones on Wednesday December 24, 2014

I have been surprised by the apparent shock of fellow tech publications today after the news that Blackberry supremo John Chen was named the second best CEO of the year. He lost out in CNN's countdown of the best company chiefs to Apple's Tim Cook, but while it?s easy to rag on Blackberry, a lot of people have missed the point of what the company has been doing this year, and Chen has done a great job.

Apple "Deeply Offended" by Accusations of Poor Working Conditions
By admin on Monday December 22, 2014

The BBC's recent expose on working conditions in Chinese factories employed by Apple to build its products has put the company in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Cupertino insists it has the best working practices in the industry, and while Apple is under scrutiny right now there is little doubt that other companies are guilty of similar. The company has responded to the report with a bullish attitude to the content.

Morgan Stanley Predicts 67 Million iPhone Sales through Q4
By Luke Jones on Friday December 19, 2014

Morgan Stanley is a massive investment firm, so when the company looks at a market it does so with plenty of care. In the world of tech their predictions are normally bang on the money, which is why I tend to believe their latest guides for iPhone performance through this current fourth quarter, which happens to include the Holiday Season.

Apple's Shoddy Working Conditions Exposed
By Luke Jones on Friday December 19, 2014

Apple's manufacturing process and labor treatment has been questioned in a new report by the BBC. Current affairs and scandal expose show Panorama has found that factories used by Apple are home to poor working conditions. While some will immediately say it is not directly Apple's fault, it is worth remembering that the company has promised to protect workers interests and has even openly boasted about how much better Apple is than other companies in this regard.

$50 and $100 Discounts from Motorola
By Luke Jones on Thursday December 18, 2014

Motorola has started a pre-Christmas sale that will run until December 23rd and offers a $50 saving on all orders over $350 or more through its official website store. If you are a big spender and splash more than $500, Motorola will give you a $100 discount.

Here's Another Doomsday Prediction for Blackberry
By Luke Jones on Tuesday December 16, 2014

We are used to doomsday scenarios being discussed about Blackberry, yet the company keeps on chugging along and surviving. Sure, there were times when things were touch and go for the company formerly known as RIM, but according to executives and the last financial reports, Blackberry is moving in the right direction. CEO John Chen has said he expects to be back in profitability by the end of 2015, but some analysts are still painting a grim picture.

Xiaomi's Successful but Does Not Make Much Money
By Luke Jones on Monday December 15, 2014

Xiaomi's rise in the market has been nothing short of extraordinary and unprecedented. The Chinese brand entered a mature market and gained massive success within it in just four years, but there are some compromises to that success as it turns out Xiaomi did not make as much money in 2013 as was originally reported.

Samsung Falls, Apple, Xiaomi, and Android Surge Says Gartner
By Luke Jones on Monday December 15, 2014

The popularity of smartphones shows no sign of slowing down around the world as 20% more handsets were sold through the last quarter compared to the previous period. The data (and a lot more besides) was compiled by reputed market researchers Gartner. The company found that 310 million smartphones have been shipped during the last three month period, while feature phones continue to tumble to obscurity thanks to more availability of budget smartphones.

Apple Adds PayPal Payment to Online Store
By Luke Jones on Saturday December 13, 2014

Chalk this up as surprising because Apple has added PayPal support for online payments in the United States and United Kingdom, making it even easier for consumers to buy products through the checkout process. The new feature is only available in those nations at the moment, with PayPal balances now usable for transactions through Apple.com.

Sony Pictures Hack Sophisticated Enough to Enter Government Websites
By Luke Jones on Saturday December 13, 2014

The Sony Pictures hack saga show no signs of abating, and in fact the perpetrators, the so-called Guardians of Peace (GOP), are even hinting at a worldwide cyber terrorism act and that Sony is just the first target. They managed to steal 100 terabytes of data including information on employee salaries, movie scripts and even screening versions of upcoming films that have since been leaked online.