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Benchmark reveals iPhone 6 processer specs ahead of launch
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 09, 2014

The iPhone 6 has shown up for another benchmark result today, revealing some of the finer details about Apple's smartphone. Of course, the new iPhone is set to land later today in a huge launch event, and we will be on hand every step of the way to give you the details from the day. However, if you simply can't wait and want to know what hardware the new iPhone 6 is packing, do read on.

The iWatch is here: rumour roundup
By Luke Jones on Monday September 08, 2014

The big buzz around tomorrow's Apple iPhone 6 launch is that the company is going to roll out the much anticipated iWatch too. Many reports are now leading with the launch of the wearable being a certainty and not just probable. That's interesting of course, but little else is known about what would be Cupertino's first smartwatch, so we think a rumour roundup is in order.

Apple's iPhone 6 launch rumour roundup
By Luke Jones on Monday September 08, 2014

IFA was huge last week, while there have also been massive launches from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and everyone in between during this year, but tomorrow the biggest of them all will happen. Yes, tomorrow Apple will be launching its new iPhone/s in front of the world's media and millions of onlive viewers. Whatever you think of Cupertino, new iPhone launches have become the biggest tech events of the year and tomorrow will be the biggest yet.

Apple responds, says iCloud not responsible for nude celebrity leak
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 02, 2014

If you have seen pictures of Jennifer Lawrence wearing... well nothing at all, you are probably familiar with the celebrity nude photo leak that has happened this week. A slew of Hollywood starlets have had their modesty exposed after a massive hack took images from the smartphones and pasted them all over the internet.

2015 is the due date for the iWatch, mystery deepens
By Luke Jones on Tuesday September 02, 2014

We reported on the weekend that Apple's much anticipate iWatch was finally close to being a reality as the company could launch it alongside the iPhone 6 next week. However, while that is still entirely possible, DigiTimes is reporting today that the device is not ready for launch and will not arrive until 2015.

Apple planning NFC competitor with finance heavyweights
By Luke Jones on Monday September 01, 2014

We have heard plenty of rumours about the iPhone 6 arriving with NFC for contactless payment, which would make Apple very late to this method. Cupertino has long held out against NFC while all of its rivals on Android and beyond have included the technology. Now Apple may be planning its own contactless payment method and will team up with a number of heavy hitting companies to deliver it.

Apple to appeal Samsung sales ban decision
By Luke Jones on Saturday August 30, 2014

Apple's legal battle with Samsung shows no signs of stopping as Cupertino is still unhappy with the terms of its victory over the Korean giant. The long saga took a new twist this week after a decision was made to deny Apple's request for a sales ban on several Samsung devices in the US.

Apple to launch iWatch next week?
By Luke Jones on Friday August 29, 2014

A story emerged yesterday that said that Apple would launch its first wearable alongside the iPhone 6 in just over a week's time. We held off on this one because there have been so many twists and turns in the iWatch saga, but the rumour is gathering pace as more sources are found. Indeed, I spoke to my own "guy" in Apple and while he could not or did not want to confirm the iWatch is imminent, he did say the iPhone 6 event has a big surprise in store.

Tim Cook expects iPad growth
By Luke Jones on Wednesday August 27, 2014

Apple recorded some pretty stellar financial results last month when the company revealed that record amounts of iPhones had been sold, while Cupertino's Mac business grew too. With profit and revenue soaring, it is easy to focus on what's going right over at Apple, but we also shouldn't ignore what is going wrong. Talking about the iPad at the moment is addressing the elephant in the room at Apple.

Apple opens battery replacement program for the iPhone 5
By Luke Jones on Friday August 22, 2014

Apple today revealed that some iPhone 5 units have been suffering battery issues of late, where the power pack "may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently." Cupertino's response has been rapid as the company has now opened up an iPhone 5 battery replacement program for those affected by the issue.