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LG V10 Landing in United States with Free Stuff (Memory Card, Charger, and Extra Battery)
By Micah Bartos on Monday October 26, 2015

The LG V10 phablet flagship is going to launch in the United States soon, with AT&T and T-Mobile saying their pre-orders will open late this week. As well as being a spiffing smartphone (one of the year?s best in fact) LG is sweetening the V10 deal even more by launching the device with some cool freebies.

Specs of Lenovo vibe X3 Lite Leak
By Ang Torres on Monday October 26, 2015

The Lenovo vibe X3 Lite, as the name suggests, is a more affordable and toned down version of the regular vibe X3. The handset has not been given the official treatment by Lenovo just yet, but the specs of the modest budget device have leaked online.

Up Close with the HTC One A9
By Luke Jones on Friday October 23, 2015

Earlier in the year the HTC One A9, which was launched by the Taiwanese company this week, was known as Aero and it was widely billed as HTC's next coming. A device that would reposition the company as a force in the smartphone market, much like the One M7 had two years prior, a hero device. However, as the year wore on it become more apparent that the Aero would probably not live up to those giddy expectations.

Sony Rolls Out Android 6.0 Marshmallow Beta to Xperia Z3 Owners
By Micah Bartos on Tuesday October 20, 2015

Sony has announced that its concept build for Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now rolling out to users of the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. The news comes several weeks after the company revealed that 10,000 owners of those two smartphones would get a chance to test the build ahead of its official full release later in the year.

Two New ZTE Nubia Z9 Variants Landing October 29
By Ang Torres on Tuesday October 20, 2015

Chinese giant ZTE is going to announce two new smartphones on October 29th, and those handsets are expected to be the Nubia Z9 Max Elite and the Nubia Z9 Mini Elite. Both devices will be sequels to their current namesakes and will update the Nubia Z9 range, while as the names suggest, the Max is a larger version of the Nubia Z9 proper and the Mini is a smaller variant of the flagship.

Motorola Leaked Email Confirms DROID MAXX 2
By Josh Dasey on Friday October 16, 2015

We smell something in the air. We have noticed that just before Motorola is tipped to announce a new smartphone there is a sizeable leak that confirms the handset in no doubt. That has happened again with the rumored DROID MAXX 2 as an email from inside Motorola seems to confirm the device, unless the company is trolling us.

Huawei Unveils Android 6.0 Marshmallow Roadmap
By Micah Bartos on Friday October 16, 2015

Chinese brands have spotty history in terms of updating their smartphones to new versions of the Android platform, and some just never bother doing it. Mega brand Huawei is different and tends to treat new Android builds well, and that is certainly the case for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The company has now confirmed its Marshmallow roadmap, highlighting exactly which products will be landing the software in the future.

Pre-Register for BlackBerry Priv Now
By Micah Bartos on Thursday October 15, 2015

Interested in helping BlackBerry get back to being a major mobile players? The upcoming BlackBerry Priv is the best chance to just that, it runs the Android platform and looks to be an excellent handset. If you agree with that and have not turned your back on BlackBerry yet, you can pre-register to own the Priv when it is launched.

LG G4 Confirmed to be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow Next Week
By Pablo Jimenez on Thursday October 15, 2015

You can color us surprised by the announcement by LG that its G4 smartphone flagship is going to be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow next week. That is a super-fast turnaround considering the platform has only been available for a few weeks. Normally all the devices with stock Android (Nexus, Google Play Edition, etc.) get the build first and OEM's usually take a couple of months.

Blu Reveals Studio Energy with 4 Day Battery Life
By Josh Dasey on Thursday October 15, 2015

Florida based company Blu is one of those smartphone manufacturers that sort of bubbles under the surface, the company makes good handsets, but has not really been able to crack onto good sales. With an array of Windows and Android devices already out there Blu is looking to expand its efforts with two new smartphones. The selling point? Well, this pair of devices come with larger than normal batteries, so should in theory provide more juice.