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OnePlus Announces European R&D Center
By Luke Jones on Monday February 02, 2015

OnePlus has a couple of new smartphones due to launch in 2015, and the company has already won plenty of plaudits for its OnePlus One flagship killer from last year. It is widely expected that the company will continue to deliver high end, slick looking, and affordable smartphones, but more than that 2015 is a year of growth for the Chinese brand.

Oppo RS now Available in Gold
By Luke Jones on Monday February 02, 2015

The Oppo R5 is a barnstorming smartphone. It's not perfect by any means, but the sheer quality packed into is svelte 4.85mm thin frame (now the second thinnest smartphone) is an engineering feat on the part of the Chinese company. Oppo is so confident about this handset that it will be shipping around the world and will not just be in China.

SolidEnergy Makes Battery with Double Life
By Luke Jones on Friday January 30, 2015

While smartphone manufacturers will tell you that screen, processor, storage, and RAM are the most important factors in a handset. However, while they are of course important to an extent, battery life is now becoming a major thing to look out for. However, it is also one of the things manufacturers are consistently failing with.

OnePlus Launching new OnePlus One Cover
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 29, 2015

OnePlus One has posted a new teaser to its Weibo social media page in China and the image shows the company's "Never Settle" moto, while it also says a 10:00am time. As I understand it, we can expect an announcement for the Chinese company tomorrow at 10:00am, but don't go expecting any new smartphones.

Facebook Maintains Profit and Mobile is the Reason
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 29, 2015

Facebook as a web company is a tired notion at this point as the social network is very much a mobile giant these days, or at least it is in terms of how it makes its money. On the whole the company increased revenue by a massive 49% through its fiscal fourth quarter to $3.58 billion. From that Facebook raked in $701 million in clear net income, with much of the revenue and profit coming from mobile advertising.

Xiaomi Mi Note Sells Out in Minutes
By Luke Jones on Tuesday January 27, 2015

Xiaomi launched the Mi Note two weeks ago, and surprised many with the Mi Note Pro, a handset with a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and 4GB of RAM. The Note has already been launched while the Mi Note Pro will land sometime in February or March. The Mi Note has proven to be a big early success, with Xiaomi saying an early run of units sold out in three minutes.

MediaTek Looking to Expand into US Market
By admin on Tuesday January 27, 2015

MediaTek has been with us for a long time, but over the last year the chip making company is really starting to make its presence felt. The Chinese manufacturer used to build chipsets for low end devices coming from its home country, but it is now finding its tech in more high end smartphones, but more importantly, increasingly in handsets from marquee brands.

Ivvi's 4.7mm Device will be the Thinnest Smartphone
By Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015

The thin war is one, with smartphone manufacturers trying to get their devices as thin as possible. However, most consumers would prefer thicker with better battery life than thin with compromised juice, which is why the likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony, and many more are going thin, but not really thin. Some companies are locked in a war to be thinnest though, and be damned with the battery life.

Blackberry CEO John Chen Calls for App Neutrality
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 22, 2015

Net Neutrality is a hot topic right now, but what about app neutrality? Blackberry CEO John Chen has compared the two and thinks that app neutrality would be better for the industry. He issued the plea in an open letter to US senate and President Barack Obama.

Oppo Launches the High End U3 in China
By Luke Jones on Thursday January 22, 2015

Oppo released a new smartphone in China yesterday, the rather fetching Oppo U3, a handset that is bigger than both the Oppo N3 and the Oppo N5. The device is pretty big, but it carries a premium finish and is decked with some solid upper mid-range specs, although it seems destined for Southeast Asia only.